What Kind Of Jigsaw Blade To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you are worried about what kind of jigsaw blade to cut vinyl plank flooring, then our information will give you a sigh of relief. First and foremost, it is important to note that there are different varieties of jigsaws and blades available in the market that you can use to cut vinyl plank flooring.

However, it is the type of blade you choose that will make a considerable difference. Hence, when planning to purchase jigsaw blades for cutting vinyl plank floors, choose the best one and avoid the occurrence of any issue.

Having said that, it can be really overwhelming to find so many options for saw blades. You might even be at a loss and feel stuck in choosing the best option for your work. This is where we will come to your help. In this complete guide, we are going to take you through only the top products. We suggest you go through this list and learn more about the products, including their features, what we like about them and what we didn’t like.

In addition, there is an elaborate buying guide, which focuses on the important aspects of jigsaw blades. Last but not least, we have tried to answer all the questions that most buyers frequently ask before buying a jigsaw blade.

All these pieces of information would surely be a great help to avoid getting lost in the maze of products. Instead, you will be picking up the perfect one suiting your needs and budget. So, without any further delay, let’s jump into the topic and know jigsaw blades better.

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How do Jigsaws Help To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Although there are multiple tools that can come in use for cutting vinyl plank flooring, the use of the jigsaw has its own benefits.

· Safe and Easy to Perform

As the use of jigsaws is quite reflexive, both professionals and beginners can quickly pick up skills needed to perform with this tool. This is perhaps one of the prime reasons why almost everyone chooses a jigsaw over any other tools to cut laminate vinyl flooring.

Another factor that is indeed more important is safety. Yes, jigsaws are the safest power tool for straight cutting vinyl flooring that you can get to operate.

· Provides Versatility in Cuts

Often, when you work with vinyl plank flooring, customization becomes your priority. Jigsaws offer you control of the performance. This is indeed something that is difficult to find in other tools. However, a jigsaw is extremely easy to use and navigate.

Besides, while most saw blades can make up-stroke cuts, laminate blades are ideal for down-stroke cuts. This means you can get downward spikes that will provide a clean cut without any blemishes on the face side of the laminate that matters. Therefore, if you use a laminate blade, all the blemishes will be left on the bottom.

It is a perfect tool for avoiding sand and adjusting potential cracks appearing on the front side of the laminate.

· Economical

One of the best things about jigsaw blades for cutting vinyl plank flooring is their price range. All the jigsaw blades are much cheaper than the other types of blades available on the market. Plus, there are many good options from which you can find the right one for yourself.

Remember, whatever blade you think of buying, it will eventually get fairly dull. Accordingly, even if you buy a heavy-duty costly saw blade, it won’t fetch you a longer-lasting quality. Therefore, it is ideal to use laminate flooring blades, which come cheaper instead of managing cuts with an old blade.   

· Makes Less Mess And Noise

Jigsaw blades are one of the quieter tools used for cutting. Although it may seem to be a trivial factor at this moment, while operating, you may not like noisy tools for a prolonged period.

Furthermore, this type of tool offers precision. Hence, there won’t be creating too much mess during operation.

Top Picks For the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Jigsaw Blades

Image Product Details   Price
Carbide-Teeth-T-Shank-Jig-Saw-Blades-for-Laminates Bosch T128BHM3 Jigsaw blade Best Performance Check Price
High-Carbon-Steel-Jig-Saw-Blade-for-Wood-Laminate-Down-Cutting Ivy Classic 28545 Jigsaw blade Best Budget Buy Check Price
best-Jigsaw-Blade-To-Cut-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring Dewalt DW3762H2 Jigsaw blade Expensive Buy Check Price
Scroll-Cutting-Jig-Saw-Blade-for-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring Lenox Tools 1991404 Jigsaw blade Clear Cut Check Price
Universal-Shank-Metal-or-Wood-Cutting-Jig-Saw-Blade Milwaukee 49-22-1168 Universal Shank Metal/Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade Durable Check Price

Review of the Best Jigsaw Blades for Vinyl Plank Flooring

All these jigsaw blades are great for cutting vinyl plank flooring. Besides, some of these options can even wonderfully come in use on different materials.

1. Bosch T128BHM3: Carbide Teeth T-Shank Jig Saw Blades for Laminates

Carbide Teeth T-Shank Jig Saw Blades for Laminates


Size of the jigsaw blade3.62 inch
Weight0.06 Pounds
Cutting TypePrecise
Number of teeth14



This assortment of jigsaw blades from the leading Bosch company is designed for laminate vinyl flooring. However, it helps to operate for multiple purposes. This pack comes with 3 blades with 14 teeth per inch, ensuring chip-free cuts. The blades are 3.62 inches.

The carbide brazing technology is a great addition that increases 10x life of the blade than any standard bi-metal one.


The thin kerf anatomy of the blade helps to improve the overall performance. Plus, it reduces heat and the extraction of materials.

Also, advanced teeth offer clean cutting where it is difficult to make cuts. Hence, you can expect the best performance with this tool.


  • It has an exaggerated tip for easier cutting
  • It offers clean cuts
  • carbide brazing technology increases the life longevity


  • It may create a little bit of damage to the edges.

2. Ivy Classic 28545: High-Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blade for Wood/Laminate Down-Cutting

High-Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blade for Wood and Laminate Down-Cutting


Size of the jigsaw blade4 inch
Weight3 pounds
Cutting TypeHighly precise
Number of Teeth per inch10



This is an assortment pack of 3 blades and has taper ground reverse teeth. These blades fit perfectly with every T-shank and U-shank jigsaw. Plus, materials like wood, plywood, plastic, and steel are compatible.


IVY Classic Company produces high-quality tools that offer outstanding performance in cutting. These high-carbon, alloy-steel jigsaw blades are ideal for cutting materials including wood and plastic with accuracy. Moreover, they are compatible with both T-shank and U-shank jigsaws.


  • It comes with the high-carbon alloy-steel blade
  • Provides different styles of cutting in wood and laminates
  • Compatible with both T-shank and U-shank jigsaws


  • It is not compatible with metal materials.

3. Dewalt DW3762H2: Best Jigsaw Blade to Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring

best Jigsaw Blade To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring


Size of the jigsaw blade4 inch
Weight20 grams
Cutting TypeHighly precise
Number of TPI10



This is a pack of two 4-inch jigsaw blades. Both these blades perfectly fit Dewalt and Bosch jigsaws. The design of its teeth has a specific application. The lower teeth are essentially employed for wood, while the higher teeth are ideal for metal cutting.


These high-quality jigsaw blades are suitable for various tasks, including cutting metal and wood. The size of these Dewalt blades is such that it manages to make intricate and precise cuts.


  • It comes with a T-shank design
  • Delivers smooth and clear cuts
  • Easy to use


  • It is relatively expensive.

4. Lenox Tools 1991404: Scroll Cutting Jig Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring


Scroll Cutting Jig Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring


Size of the jigsaw blade3.5 inch
Weight0.03 pounds
Cutting TypeHighly precise
Number of TPI20



Lenox tool jigsaw blades come in a pack of 3, and each of their sizes is 3.5″. It is a design suitable for higher temperature cuts.


Plus, the narrow profile design delivers a clear cut in tighter curves. The accurate growth teeth having optimized teeth angles can work efficiently without burning. Thus, this is ideal for both cutting patterns and flooring installation.


  • Ideal for making precise cuts
  • It does not burn while operating
  • It comes with 20 teeth per inch


  • Compatible with only wood

5. Milwaukee 49-22-1168 Universal Shank Metal/Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade

Universal Shank Metal or Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade


Size of the jigsaw bladeVariable
Weight‎0.8 ounces
Cutting TypeHighly precise
Number of teeth per inchVariable



Our final recommendation for a jigsaw blade is from the Milwaukee brand, which manufactures products in Switzerland. It is available in an assorted pack of 5 blades. All these jigsaw blades are compatible with metal and wood materials.


If you want to get an assortment of durable blades, then this Milwaukee pack is ideal. These extremely reliable and longer-life blades make your cutting job easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Compatible with wood and metal


  • There is no information about the warranty.

Buying Guide for Best Jigsaw Blade To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you are still quite not sure about what features to look for in a jigsaw blade that can fit your needs, then you must first gather a little bit of information about the product you intend to purchase. Indeed, when you have prior knowledge of certain products, you can get the perfect match for all your demands.

Here is a list of all the essential points that you must know before buying a jigsaw blade for cutting vinyl plank flooring. We suggest you go through these points as it will prove to be beneficial to buy such products.

· Check out the Blade Anatomy

There is no denying that not only the vinyl plank floor but also the blade should be in the consciousness while thinking about purchasing. The blade is the most important thing you have to use to make a cutting of the pieces with precision. As a result, you should consider the blade’s anatomy and know how it functions. Plus, it will help you handle it professionally without making any mistakes.

The blade anatomy includes the kerf, gullets, and expansion slots, along with the blade that you are going to buy for your vinyl plank flooring.

· Choose the Ideal Type and Style of the Blade

While searching for the best jigsaw blades for cutting vinyl plank flooring, it is vital to make sure that you opt for the right one. As you know, it is not possible or feasible to go on purchasing multiple blades to cut vinyl plank flooring. Some may operate roughly on hardwood vinyl flooring, while others may perfectly suit for cutting laminated vinyl floors. Thus, it is extremely crucial to choose the right type of jigsaw blade.

Now coming to the style of the jigsaw blades, there are multi-purpose blades, cut-off blades, combination blades, and more. However, you must share the details of your vinyl plank flooring with the seller. Also, don’t forget to mention your needs, as with all this information, you can get a better guideline for selecting the correct jigsaw blade.

· The direction of the Blade

There are basically two types of the blade which come with teeth either running focusing downward or manufactured in a way that makes no damage or leaves extra material on the face side. Accordingly, blades with a downward focus can make cuts only down strokes. This ensures forcing away all the extra material from the face side.

· Teeth per Inch

Teeth per inch (TPI) is the rating that represents the number of teeth the blade consists of in every inch. If the number of teeth is lower, a faster cut is possible, sacrificing accuracy. Therefore, TPI matters whether you need precise cuts or faster operation.

· Consider Durability and Longevity

Since there are several materials used to manufacture jigsaw blades, it is important to understand not every blade can provide you with the same durability and longevity.

Carbide is the most popular one among all the other materials for jigsaw blades. The jigsaw blades with carbide tipped typically last 30 percent longer than other blades. In addition, you do not have to worry about the frequent reshaping of the blade. The material does not get worn out very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are jigsaw blades helpful in cutting vinyl plank flooring?

A jigsaw blade with less aggression and finely pointed teeth is ideal for cutting a vinyl plank flooring. These fine teeth help to ensure that all the edges do not get damaged while you cut the planks.

What is the difference between U and T jigsaw blades?

The jigsaw blades are stooped into the floor. T-shank blades are standard blades for most manufacturers as it is easier to switch them with other machines. Moreover, the change of the tool-less blade on a majority of the jigsaws led to the increasing demand for T-shank blades than the U-shank ones. This is because the later blades are not-so-fit for swapping with other machines.

How many types of jigsaw blades are available in the market?

Typically, the manufacturer uses any one of the four or a combination of materials to produce jigsaw blades. These materials are tungsten carbide, which is popular as carbide, high-speed steel (HSS), and bi-metal (BiM). Among these blades, high-carbon steel blades are the cheapest option.

How to cut a vinyl plank jigsaw?

When you are halfway through your vinyl plank, take a utility knife and cut it to the required size. Start by cutting at a 45-degree angle along the marked line using the framing square. Remember, you must put moderate pressure to cut the vinyl plank halfway. There is no need to be concerned about removing that plank entirely.

Is it possible to cut vinyl plank flooring using a multi-tool?

As oscillating multi-tools come with a unique type of blades, they can efficiently cut through objects, including metal, wood, and plastic, at incredibly high speeds. Hence, it is possible to cut this type of flooring along with a wide range of duties with precision and control.

What knife can I use for cutting vinyl plank flooring?

You can use a linoleum knife to get the best result for cutting vinyl plank flooring. This type of knife cuts smoothly without damaging the surface.

Which is the ideal direction to lay the vinyl plank flooring?

Typically, the installation of vinyl plank flooring is done in the exact direction of your main natural light source. For example, if the room has large windows that significantly allow a lot of natural light, run the vinyl planks in a similar direction.

What should I avoid using on the vinyl plank flooring?

Along with learning about the right jigsaw blades for your vinyl plank flooring, you must also consider things needed to maintain it. Like there is no way to utilize any random saw to cut vinyl planks, you cannot simply choose any detergent for cleaning up. Always avoid abrasive detergents, paste wax, ammonia-based products, and other polishes containing harsh solvents while cleaning vinyl plank flooring. All these products tend to cause damage like cracks in the vinyl flooring.

Wrap Up

Starting right from buying the best jigsaw blade to making an effort to cut and see if it serves the purpose, the journey of questing the perfect match isn’t very short. Nonetheless, our list of best jigsaw blade reviews above will help you find the right one suiting your requirements.

Besides, if you are a beginner or professional who needs to know important factors you have likely missed, our buying guide will help you. Also, check out the answers that most people frequently ask about jigsaw blades to not skip any knowledge.

Overall, this is an outstanding package for you to consider for buying the best jigsaw blades for vinyl plank flooring. Oh, last but not least, make sure to cut the vinyl plank flooring correctly using the new jigsaw blade.

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