5 Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whether you are an amateur or an expert, the quest for the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring will continue when planning to do-it-yourself any woodworking job. People are usually inclined towards these woodworking tasks as they make it their hobby or a part of their relaxation.

However, it hardly matters why you are doing the job. Unless you own the proper tools to perform, there will be neither satisfaction with the development nor mitigation. Therefore, you must do your research well on the availability of the best saw blade for floor cutting to get that satisfactory outcome. After that, begin your task of vinyl plank flooring. Nonetheless, you can save time by not indulging in time-consuming research work on related products.

What sort of saw blades you select truly makes a difference in the vinyl plank floor cutting. It is only the right saw blade for vinyl plank flooring that would help you refrain from unwanted problems. Since there are a huge variety of saw blades, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to choose among them. We understand that you feel stuck with so many options and fail to choose the perfect one for the vinyl plank floor. This is where we come to your help.

In this guide, we aim to give you detailed information on the best saw blades available for vinyl plank flooring. So, here you will not only get to know vividly about their features but also their pros and cons. This will surely help you make the right choice depending on what you require and intend to buy.

Types of Saw Blades for Cutting Vinyl Plank Floors

For cutting the vinyl plank floors, there are different varieties of saw blades available in the market. Still, what type of blade you choose to cut can make a big difference. Therefore, it is important to use the best saw blade for vinyl plank flooring for smooth operation.

Here is a list of saws that work well with vinyl flooring. Most of this equipment comes with a unique blade design.

1. Miter Saws

Whether you need a saw to make straight cuts or angled ones with accuracy easily, a miter saw is just the perfect static tool. This saw uses a rounded disc-like blade having 80 to 100 teeth for smooth and fine cutting.

2. Circular Saws

Circular saws are as efficient as a miter saw. Since its blades resemble a miter saw, a circular saw can create the same cuts.

However, they aren’t simple to work while making accurate cutting without a track or saw guide.  

Nonetheless, this type of saw is portable and can be held up to a stationary object.

3. Jigsaws

Jigsaws use vertical cutting blades that help make rounded and curved shapes on the objects easily. Nevertheless, they are quite similar to circular saws when you try to produce straight cutting with freehand. When using this saw for cutting laminated vinyl flooring, remember to get a carbide-tipped blade. This will decrease the proportion of wear on the blade and its teeth.

There are two types of jigsaws in regard to the building structure. Barrel grip and D-Handle jigsaw.

4. Rotary Tools

Rotary tools are best suitable for producing small and precise cutting. Although this tool is useful for working with laminate vinyl flooring, they lack the capacity of power needed for extensive working.

Best Saw Blades For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Image Product Details   Price
Best saw blades for cutting vinyl planks flooring DEWALT 10-Inch Miter
Versatile Buy Check Price
CRAFTSMAN-10-Inch-Durable-Miter-Saw-Blade-for-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade Budget Pick Check Price
Overpeak-10-Inch-Table-Saw-Blade-For-Ultra-Fine-Finishing Overpeak 10-inch Table Saw Most Durable Check Price
T-Shank-Jig-Saw-Blade-Set-for-vinyl-plank-floor-cutting BOSCH TW21HC 21-Piece T-Shank Woodworking Jig Saw Blade Set Overall Performance Check Price
Freud-12-x-72T-Thin-Kerf-Sliding-Compound-Miter-Saw-Blade-for-vinyl-plank-cutting Freud 12″ x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade Best Quality  Check Price

Top 5 Product Review

Here we have come up with a list of the top 5 rated saw blades that you can depend on to cut vinyl plank flooring. There is a mix of various types of saw blades that most experts and amateurs prefer to buy for their work. Go through these pieces of information and broaden your perspective on these products.

1. DEWALT 10-Inch Miter: Best saw blades for cutting vinyl planks

Best saw blades for cutting vinyl planks flooring

The well-known manufacturing brand of Dewalt brings one of the most liked miter blades for vinyl plank floor cutting. This versatile miter blade is not perfect for cutting vinyl plank floors, but along with this, they are also ideal for cutting softwood, plywood, and hardwood.

The best part of this blade is that you can get almost the same sharpness as before, even after using it over a longer period.


Size of the saw blade10 inch
Weight3 pounds
Cutting TypeHighly precise


  • Design

This particular miter blade is lightweight. Its total weight is around 3 pounds which makes it easier to use for a longer time. The material used to manufacture this blade is also carbide. It comes with components like an Abrasive Fladder Blade. Plus, the metallic color offers an elegant appeal. Overall, the dimension of this blade is 13.75″ x 13.75″ x 0.19″.

  • Function

If you want to get smoother cutting in speed, then this is ideal for you. Get quality cutting with faster action with this DEWALT 10-Inch Miter. Plus, you don’t have to worry about its efficiency fading away with the passage of time.

This extremely durable blade retains a true edge and works with great accuracy and precision. Most importantly, you will not get a better finish anywhere than this blade.


  • Get smoother and faster-cutting action
  • Compatible with other saws
  • Maintains sharpness for long periods


  • The price is a little bit on the higher side.

2. CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Durable Miter Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring

CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Durable Miter Saw Blade for Vinyl Plank Flooring

From the house of CRAFTSMAN manufacturer, we recommend this vinyl plank flooring miter saw blade. This is one of the best options for those who like to crack a good deal. This particular saw blade works wonderfully, comes economical, and goes a long way.

Do you want to know how great it works? Its teeth have carbide tips that make the tool extremely durable and easy to use for long periods.

Moreover, the accuracy you will get while using this product to make cuts on the vinyl plank flooring is amazing. Also, this is why it is so popular among skilled users.


Size of the saw blade10 inch
Weight3.24 pounds
Cutting TypePrecise


Here are some of the important features of CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade that will help you learn more about the product.

  • Design

The weight of this tool is 3.24 pounds, which makes it easy to use. Its size is approximately 10 inches. It has components including 10 inches, 24T, and 60T saw blades. Overall, the dimensions of this blade are 14″ x 10.6″ x 0.25″

  • Function

This product is specifically designed to offer high-end operation. So, when you need a saw blade to cut vinyl plank flooring with great accuracy, choose this one. It allows you to perform smoothly and make cuts faster, maintaining safety. Plus, there is no chance of rusting and corrosion during its use.


  • Offers great performance
  • Highly reliable and extremely durable
  • Eliminates warping


  • Warranty services need to be requested.

3. Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade: For Ultra Fine Finishing

Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade For Ultra Fine Finishing

When you prefer durability over fancy stuff, don’t forget to check out saw blades from Overpeck manufacturing company. This Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade is one such durable option you will hardly find in similar other blades. This blade efficiently works faster, maintaining precision while cutting. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for this saw blade with time.


Size of the saw blade10 inch
Weight1.92 pounds
Cutting TypePrecise


  • Design

This OVERPEAK saw blade is a product of stronger tungsten carbide. This helps to enhance the cutting life for about 5x longer than any other saw blades available on the market.

It comes with a style of 10-inch 90T and weighs around 1.92 pounds which is perhaps the most lightweight saw blade on our list. Overall, the dimensions are 11.81″ x 11.34″ x 0.43″.

  • Function

It is efficient in stable cutting without much vibration and noise. Hence, the tool remains cool and reduces the blade warp. Besides, the 10-inch blade has unique teeth that help to cut straight smoothly. Use it for cutting plywood, laminate, or ripping wood; Overpeak 10-Inch Table Saw Blade will never disappoint you.


  • It comes with a longer cutting life.
  • There will be hardly any noise and vibration while operating
  • Compatible with miter, table, and circular saws


  • Information regarding the warranty period is missing.

4. BOSCH TW21HC 21-Piece T-Shank Woodworking Jig Saw Blade Set

T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for vinyl plank floor cutting

This manufacturing brand has been highly in demand for its high-quality products for the last few decades. Hence, an assortment of saw blades from the popular Bosch brand is a win-win for those who want to carry on versatile cutting operations. This is a set of 21 saws that comes in a convenient heavy-duty case for storage.


Size of the saw bladeVariable sizes
Weight15 ounce
Cutting TypePrecise


  • Design

This set of Bosch saw blades can offer high performance in cutting vinyl plank floors. Since there are different varieties of blades, the design also varies from one another.

However, the weight of this tool is only 15 ounces. Plus, the number of teeth is 10.

  • Function

These low-maintenance blades are ideal for cutting multiple planks of wood. Moreover, you can expect maximum grip and stability while using the tools to perform.


  • Cuts with versatility and flexibility
  • Suitable for cutting thick vinyl plank floors
  • It has optimized teeth


  • No warranty on the product is available.

5. Freud 12″ x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade for vinyl plank cutting

Freud 12 x 72T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blade for vinyl plank cutting

Are you looking for high-quality blades? Then we recommend you to check out saw blades from Freud manufacturing company. Their 12-inch miter saw blade is one of the most likable products from this company.


Size of the saw blade12 inch
Weight2.42 pounds
Cutting TypePrecise


  • Design

This multi-colored tool is available in one size and weighs as light as 2.42 pounds. The dimension range of this product is 1″ x 1″ x 1″. Plus, you do not need a battery to operate this product.

  • Function

From woodworkers to high-production closet stores, everyone depends on cutting tools that can efficiently deliver precise cutting with superior finishing quality. At Freud, you will only get cutting tools that offer perfection in the performance. Their precision level is outstanding as they use superior quality materials to manufacture these products.


  • Offers good control
  • Faster operation with less effort
  • Need less power to perform


  • You would have to request warranty period services from the manufacturers.

Buying Guide for the Best Saw Blade For Vinyl Plank Flooring

Before buying anything, you must have prior knowledge about the product to select the perfect mate for your requirements. Similarly, for your reference, here is a buying guide that will help you to familiarise yourself with the important features you need to look at while buying a saw blade.

Different Types of Vinyl Plank Flooring

You must know that there are various types of vinyl plank flooring. Some of them are hardwood flooring, while others are laminated types. It depends on your preferences which one you want. Nonetheless, it is advisable to take the advice of an expert as they have knowledge and experience in choosing the right type of vinyl flooring for different areas.

It is not like every hardwood vinyl plank floor can create a great appearance in all the settings. Accordingly, the laminated ones would also fail to offer an amazing look in every area. So, when you take expert advice to select one of these vinyl plank floorings, you will end up purchasing the ideal one.

Now, based on what vinyl plank flooring you choose, here are the most important factors you must consider to buy the best saw blades for vinyl plank flooring.

Blade Anatomy

The anatomy of blades includes everything starting from the kerf, expansion slots to bullets. The blades used for cutting the vinyl plank floor must be ideal for making precise pieces for the flooring.

That’s why the blade anatomy should be taken into account to know the way of working and related assistance. This includes the understanding of professional handling, avoiding mistakes, and achieving precision while you use it.


Material is indeed one of the most important things that one should consider before buying a saw blade. The ability to cut with those materials can only make the product suitable. Hence, the material of the blades must be durable and robust enough to cut objects.

The materials of saw blades usually differ. As blades are available in various types of materials, it is necessary to analyze each type. Finally, choose the one that delivers maximum stability. From the vast options, you may go for carbide-tipped saw blades. Carbide is the best one for the manufacturing of saw blades as this type of blade doesn’t only provide super rigidity but also comes with a longer lifespan.

Hence, choosing the right material for your saw blade will help ensure a long-lasting one. A saw blade of carbide material comes with a 30 percent extended lifetime when compared to the other materials. Plus, carbide does not even require undergoing reshaping frequently due to its robust build. Even if you need to tune it, you would hardly feel a pinch in your pocket.

Blades Style

It is not convenient or possible to purchase every type of blade for cutting vinyl plank flooring. In variations, there are some saw blades which function roughly on the laminated vinyl floor. Contrary to this, they are just perfect to work on the hardwood vinyl floor. This is why you must choose the right type of blade.

Other than the type, the style is also important. There are some styles of blades among which you can find the right one for your job. Specifically, you will find four major types of saw blade styles. There are plywood blades, cut-off blades, combination blades, and all-purpose steel blades to suit different types of flooring.

Remember, every style of saw blades can never offer the same satisfaction while working on vinyl plank flooring. It is because of the different style needs of saw blades for cutting laminate and hardwood vinyl flooring. Therefore, it becomes essential to research well before you get a blade. Knowing the type of vinyl floor, you are about to work on can help a lot in choosing that specific type of blade needed to work the best.

Before you select the blade, it is better to share your needs and specifications of the vinyl floor with the saw blade seller. They will give you a proper guide to selecting the appropriate blade based on your requirements.

Sharpness and Teeth Number

Another important factor to look upon before choosing a saw blade is the teeth number of saw blades. The number of teeth in the saw blades is the reason behind the smooth operation of the task. Consequently, the higher the number of teeth will be, the wonderful precision and smoothness you will get while cutting through the object.

So, we recommend you search for saw blades that have at least 70 teeth or more in total. In addition, you must ensure that the sharpness of the teeth is perfect for getting chip-free, smooth and clean cuts.

Arbor Size

Arbor holes are the middle hole of the saw blades that typically offer support at the center by a spindle or a shaft. The hole should fit the arbor or saw blade to be more effective and safe.

The arbor size usually changes with the blade size. Therefore, it is important to learn about the standard size of the arbor for a typical blade diameter.

  • 3-inch cutting blades usually have arbor holes of ¼-inch
  • 6-inch cutting blades have a large arbor hole of  ½ inch. They are ideal for large equipment.
  • Saw blades ranging from 7¼-inch to 10-inch come with a standard arbor hole of ⅝ inch.
  • The largest saw blades vary between 12-inch to 16-inch and have an arbor hole of 1-inch comes in use, especially for laminate flooring.

Compatibility with Your Saw

Compatibility is one such factor that you cannot give a miss. There are different varieties of saws available in the market. Similarly, you will also find a lot of saw blades. However, not every blade you see needs to fit perfectly with your saw. Maybe, the saw blade you choose to buy ticks all other factors but fails to fit effortlessly with your saw.

Therefore, you must be sure to check the compatible aspect when planning to purchase a saw blade. It is only a saw blade that perfectly fits into your saw and can save up time and effort, which is otherwise needed to make adjustments or additional tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a tile cutter to cut vinyl planks?

A tile cutter is suitable for cutting vinyl plank flooring. However, it depends mainly on the specific tile cutter. For instance, a ceramic tile cutter is not perfect for this task as they tend to score the surface of the vinyl floor. This may create a fault line and crack to break off eventually. The saw blades with carbide tips are perfect for cutting vinyl plank flooring. This is because of their efficiency in smoothly cutting down the pieces and only making a little mess. In addition, these blades can ideally cut pieces of vinyl upto 500 square feet without the need for frequent sharpening. Also, the saw blades must have a number of fine teeth above 70 on the side of cutting. All of these characteristics can make the blade ideal for cutting vinyl plank flooring.

Do I need a special blade to cut laminate flooring?

Vinyl is easy to cut down like any wood. For cutting laminate vinyl flooring, you can use saws fixed to PVC blades. This sharp and circular blade with fine teeth on the interior can cut ideally laminated flooring. The diamond tips on the saw blades make it easier and effortless to cut vinyl floors. You can either measure the cutting, marking, and snapping or section the vinyl lengthwise.

Which side of the vinyl plank goes against the wall?

People usually emphasize more on learning about the correct saw blades for their vinyl plank flooring. But selecting the right direction for vinyl plank flooring is also vital. The way the floors get laid down affects the feeling of the whole room. It can either make it look larger or smaller, calmer or busier. Having said that, the layout typically won’t leave any impact on the quality and performance. So, you can go with your personal preference to put a side of the vinyl plank against the wall. Nonetheless, we suggest you place the tongue side against the wall when you begin the installation of laminate flooring.

Can I use a circular saw for cutting vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, a circular saw is suitable for cutting vinyl plank flooring. It is, in fact, the most preferred saw for operating the job at hand. However, experts say that one must avoid using this saw due to some underlying consequences. In comparison to typical vinyl planks, the base plate of a circular saw is bigger, which may cause trouble during the performance. Also, the kickback issue faced while performing on a thin material is also quite bothersome.

Can I cut vinyl planks using a miter saw?

Yes, you can cut vinyl planks with the help of a miter saw. Professionals recommend using this saw due to its remarkable features and extensive capabilities. The comfort and support you will get from this saw during operation are amazing. Most importantly, miter saws offer clean, straight, and smooth finishing cuts that others usually fail to make at times. Furthermore, if you want to get smooth and clear angle cuts, this saw is the best one to choose among others.

Can I choose any blade for my jigsaw?

The modern technology of the blades has been doing wonders by taking away the guesswork out of adopting different jigsaws. Now, jigsaw blades are switchable because the models are t-shaped head compatible. Besides, this shape does not require any equipment to fasten to the main tool. It is almost interchangeable with all modern jigsaws. You can read this article to learn how to change jigsaw blades.

What are the various types of materials for jigsaw blades available?

In general, there are four different types of materials or material combos used for jigsaw blade manufacturing. These include high-speed steel (HSS), high-carbon steel (HCS), tungsten carbide or carbide, and bi-metal (BiM).

How to cut laminate vinyl flooring without chipping?

You can simply use a saw blade consisting of a higher number of teeth with carbide tips and thinner kerf. Along with this, you may also lay painter’s tape or masking tape on the cutline in order to reduce the chances of chipping.

Final Thought

This article was all about the best saw blades for vinyl plank flooring. We have thoroughly discussed its types, features, advantages and disadvantages. We aim to give you a precise view of how it works and what are the best options you can avail yourself of for your benefit. So, don’t forget to check out our top five product picks.

For further information, there is also a buying guide that will help you understand the necessity of the important features of saw blades. It is safe to say that you can now choose the best saw blades for vinyl plank flooring.

Last but not least, we have also answered some of the common questions asked by buyers frequently. Please go through them all and pick the best to get the best result for the job you have at hand.

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