What Does Brushless Lawn Mower Mean?

Electric push mowers are of two types- brushed or brushless motors. Sometimes back also, brushed electric motors were majorly used for mowing. However, modern brushless technology has lately become popular among mower users. Many people are still unaware of what brushless lawn mowers mean. Well, this mower does not have brushes and runs with the help of batteries. Unlike brushed motors, newer mowers are much more efficient, reliable, less noisy, and lighter.

All of these are just a peek at what a brushless lawn mower actually is! If you want to know more, here we are to guide you.

What Does Brushless Lawn Mower Mean?

The answer to what does brushless lawn mower mean lies in its name only. Just like its name, a brushless lawn mower runs without a brush and uses a battery to operate. This is a kind of electric push mower designed to run with a brushless motor to provide electricity. There are also some electric push mowers that operate with a brushed motor, which makes a brushless lawn mower from it.

How Does a Brushless Mower Work?

How Does a Brushless Mower Work

A brushless lawn mower doesn’t come with brushes and collectors. The function of a brushless lawn mower lies in its motor. Basically, they come with two crucial parts. The first part is a permanent magnet that keeps rotating at the center. This magnet comes with fixed magnetism, while the last part comprises a coil made of copper windings surrounding the magnet.

Brushless motors employ external wiring along with a sensor to efficiently transmit electricity to the copper coils. Hence, this use of magnets and coils enable the efficient functioning of brushless motors. This means that the lawn mower does not require delivery of electricity to the moving part of its motor. In addition, no brushes mean no friction, which results in lesser noise and zero loss of energy.

Since a brushless lawn mower has no sliding elements on its collector, there are hardly any problems faced for the maintenance of and elimination of brushes along with other electrical elements. Powered by a battery, a brushless mower can automatically adjust its power to perform tasks. Plus, the absence of heat application enables these lawnmowers to generate relatively less heat during operation.

All these mechanisms make a brushless lawn mower ideal for working in even dangerous environments. 

A brushed motor also consists of similar parts but operates in reverse. However, here the coil keeps rotating on the internal side of a permanent magnet which is quite complicated. Due to the need for transmission of electricity to the spinning part, things become complicated for brushed motors.  

Although some years back, brushless motors were a challenge to produce and very expensive due to their complicated motor control. Nonetheless, it increases battery efficiency and durability with low maintenance.

Pros of Using A Brushless Lawn Mower

The motors of brushless lawn mowers are harder to build than a brushed motor. Nonetheless, the design of a brushless lawn mower offers several advantages. Let’s check a few of the most relevant advantages one by one.

  • Increased Power
  • Adjustment in Power Use
  • Efficient Use of Battery
  • Less Likely to Overheat
  • No Noise Mowing
  • Low Maintenance

· Increased Power

When it comes to the power and robustness of the motor, a brushless lawn mower clearly wins the battle. Its design is such that a brushless motor can tackle much more loads without slacking. The placement of the coil surrounding the permanent magnet helps to generate more power than a brushed motor with the reverse setting of parts.

To elaborate, the coil surrounding the rotating magnet fastens more wire, which increases the volume of the coil. Ultimately leading to increased torque.

· Adjustment in Power Use

Brushless motors have electronic sensors that manage the working capacity of the motor with sophistication. So, you can adjust and use the energy required for mowing. This way, there is no chance of unwanted energy wasting; rather, it optimizes the battery life.

Based on the brand of the brushless motor and its type, you get the option to adjust the settings of your lawnmower according to your needs. For example, if you are using it to cut small grass, you can slow down the speed and increase it while moving through the thicker grass.

· Efficient Use of Battery

If a brushless lawn mower gets the right battery, it can easily work on larger lawns. As there is the absence of brushes, no energy gets lost due to friction between the rotating permanent magnet and the coil surrounding the magnet.

The design is such that the battery power can perhaps be stretched in a brushless mower. As the design perfectly conserves energy, the battery is optimized in a better way. The mower works productively even under extreme situations without rubbing.

· Less Likely to Overheat

Comparatively, brushless motors are less likely to produce more heat than brushed motors that cause friction. Obviously, your brushless motor will also produce some heat, but at least not overheat the motor as quickly as brushed lawn mower engines do. The coils outside the motor ensure a more easy cooling.

· No Noise Mowing

People who choose a brushless lawn mower do not have to worry about noise while mowing their lawn early in the morning. Both brushless and non-friction features help the motor maintain an extremely quiet environment during operation.

Although it is a dream even to think that you can escape the sound of the blades cutting grasses, still, the brushless lawn mowers do create much less noise. Hence, you do not have to worry about the stern look of your neighbors early in the morning. You can use it anytime to cut the grass on your lawn.

A quick tip is to look at the rotating blade and various other parts of your brushless lawn mower as they too contribute to noise making.

· Low Maintenance

Another great advantage of a brushless lawn mower is its less requirement of maintenance as there is no use of brushes. This means you do not have to regularly keep up with cleaning the brushes and replacing them as you would otherwise have to do while using a brushed lawnmower. A brushless motor is far more reliable than a brushed motor.

Difference between Brushless and Brushed Lawn Mower

There is an ongoing debate about whether a brushless or a brushed lawn mower is better to use. Well, the answer is debatable, but the following key points can help you find a conclusion.

· Efficient Motors

Typically, a brushless motor can run with around 80-90% efficiency. On the other hand, a brushed motor can only run with 60-75% efficiency.

Note that every brushless or brushed motors are not equal. Still, when it comes to design and efficiency, brushless motors are better than brushed ones.

· Price

If we talk about the brushless and brushed motors in regard to their price range, brushless motors are very expensive. Brushless motors are extremely complicated to create that tend to raise the cost of the mower.

· Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, the presence of brushes in brushed motors and the absence of brushes in brushless motors make the difference here. Brushless motors need less maintenance over a span of usage. Regardless, they are hard to find service due to their complicated buildup.

Brushed lawn mowers are completely opposite of brushless ones. Because of their brushes, brushed mowers need regular maintenance. Having said that, a brushless motor can run for 5 to 10 times longer on average than a brushed motor without regular maintenance.

The Takeaway

As we have come to the end of this article, we hope you have a better understanding of brushless lawn mower meaning. Whether you are here to know the term or maybe want to get a new mower, it is clear that a brushless lawn mower can efficiently help you mow. Their motor design and electric use make brushless lawn mowers much more durable, quieter, and efficient for long-time use.

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