Brushed Vs. Brushless Lawn Mower: What to choose?

Brushed vs. brushless lawn mower: which one to choose? The brushless version has a battery and a brushless motor to operate. There are 2 major parts, and one of them is a permanent magnet to rotate at the center. The other one is a coil manufactured with copper windings. A brushed motor has similar parts, although its coil rotates on the interior side of the permanent magnet. 

Grass mowers are an innovation that makes our life ten times easier. This equipment makes the laborious process of maintaining the lawn easier. But sometimes, certain features of this technology, like its loud noise, might be irksome. This can be a problem for you, especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood. Everyone dislikes people who cause disturbance in and around them, and this disapproval can be seen clearly on people’s faces when you are using your loud land mower.

A brushless lawn mower is something you have probably heard about quite often or maybe even own. But you might have a doubt about what exactly is a brushless land mower and how it is different from a brushed land mower. You might have further questions about which one would be ideal for you or is cost-efficient.

Today we are here to answer all such questions of yours with this article. By the end, you will have a clear idea of between brushed and brushless lawn mowers, which will help you make a better decision for yourself.

What is a brushed land mower?

Brushed land mowers are traditional in nature. It uses conventional technology and is made using carbon brushes. Carbon brushes are an important aspect of a motor tool that ensures good transmission and makes the device spark proof.

What is a brushless lawn mower?

This is a device you must think about if you wish not to generate a great deal of disturbance and disrupt those still asleep or spend their morning peacefully while you can still trim your grass. A brushless cutter is not only more silent than other varieties but also demands less upkeep. We’ll explain brushless razors in detail; go over brushed vs. brushless lawn mowers, their advantages, and disadvantages below.

Brushed vs. brushless lawn mowers

There are a few advantages to removing the electrical contact of a rotating motor shaft. Friction, temperature, loudness, and sparks are produced by stiff metal brushes rotating inside of a metallic motor housing. Every moving part that is spinning at a speed of hundreds of rotations per second or more loses effectiveness due to friction, which is continually trying to slow up the propeller.

Over time, the heat generated by that abrasion may harm the tool’s motor or other components. Tools can become less pleasant to use, notably for prolonged periods of time, due to the additional noise caused by the brushes’ continuous scratching against the metallic case.

Even though there is no harm related to using such equipment if it is designed and configured appropriately, the charges produced by repeated scratching increase after prolonged usage. It causes long-term damage on the inside of the engine, which is not easily rectifiable, and you will need to discard the entire equipment and purchase a new one. This can be a financial burden. This is one major reason behind people are accepting this new technology wholeheartedly and are upgrading themselves with the benefits of this innovation.

Advantages of Brushless Mowers

· More efficient

They are incredibly potent and have a more reliable voltage. They are comparatively easier to use and help one complete the whole work more quickly and efficiently. It is a great device if you have a big lawn and will save you an ample amount of time and energy.

· Low maintenance

This land mower requires less maintenance and upkeep, which is a major advantage for people who are living a busy and hectic life. Out of the hundreds of these, you need to attend to and complete every day. If you do not want your land mower to be one of the things, investing in a brushless land mower might be a good decision. Their servicing is cost-efficient, and they are brushless. Unlike brushed mowers, where you frequently need to replace the bristles, here you will not face any such inconvenience.

· Eco-friendly in nature

If you reside in a quiet community where any loud noise stands out, brushless land mowers are the most apparent choice. As opposed to the brushed model, the engine and the equipment make less vibration. They also don’t emit any pollutants, which is another type of contamination.

Disadvantages of Brushed Mowers

· More expensive

They are comparatively more expensive as the new technology, which has potential benefits, has a cost associated with them as well.

· Low-speed vibrations

The motor can change depending on the workload. On the other hand, you might feel some tremors when the engine is operating at a low speed. This is typically because they ought to get smaller at faster speeds. Positively, as the speed rises, the tremors lessen, and the labor is more bearable.

Advantages of Brushed Mowers

· Less costly

Unlike a traditional brushed mower, a brushless land mower is more expensive in nature. The reason behind the lower cost of this equipment is the fact that it uses conventional technology, which is not very expensive.

Disadvantages of Brushed Mowers

· Periodic maintenance

Even though the cost of brushed mowers is less, the maintenance cost is regular and more. This eventually adds up and becomes even more costly than a brushless land mower, which is just a one-time investment.

· It is noisy

A brushed land mower is not a piece of equipment, which will help you avoid situations where your neighbors voice their displeasure because of the noise your mower makes. If anything will make them look at you with disapproval, it is because of the loud noise it tends to make.

· Gets heated fast

Because the functioning of a brushed land mower is mechanical, its adaptivity is less, and the friction produced is more. Because of this, it generates a lot of heat and affects its performance.   


In this battle between brushed and brushless lawn mowers, we can obviously see brushless land mowers having the upper hand because of their optimum performance. And even though most households still own brushed land mowers, the declining price and better knowledge among people about this new technology are making it a popular choice.