[4 Steps Hack]How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach

Tree plantation has always been a vital part of making the environment pleasant and healthy. Higher tree branches can sometimes obstruct beautiful views and wear and tear on the roof shingles. As trees grow faster, it is also important to prune them to prevent obstruction and maintain a beautiful environment.

Moreover, some trees even need trimming to grow healthily. But, some of the branches that need pruning are too high to reach standing upright. Hence, there is a necessity for an enhanced mechanism to keep the environment beautiful and risk-free.

This is when the question of how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach pops into the mind.

However, people often get startled by the very thought of cutting tree branches that are too high.

You may find it hard to believe that there are easy ways to cut high limbs without being a trained acrobat. Plus, you do not need to buy expensive equipment or pay a hefty amount to the professionals. In this article, we will highlight these easy ways for cutting high limbs and other relevant details. So, let’s take ideas and begin the work.

What is the Right Time to Cut Tree Branches and Limb?

[4 Steps Hack]How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach

This question may seem to be ambiguous, but we have the correct answer. The best time for cutting tree branches is when it is dormant, primarily during the wintertime as this video explains in detail. Due to the open timbers, there is a low probability of trees getting infected with pests and diseases during this season. Diseases and pests destroy the tree infected and transmit to other plants and trees.

Besides, if any limbs or branches of the tree act as an obstruction or become dangerous for your home or family, it is better to remove them irrespective of what season it is. Here the matter is of safety, and safety always comes first. Moreover, you may have to incur unplanned expenditures in case a limb or branch falls accidentally.

What Things To Observe When Cutting High Tree Limbs?


When thinking of different ways how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach, it is equally important to observe how to cut the branches and limbs using a safe process. So, here are some safety measures that are vital to observe while cutting off tree branches.

  • Always Wear the Right Dress

Wearing the right dress while cutting the branches of the trees will ensure safety to the body and health. The right dress helps not to put you at stake at the time of the cutting process.

When dealing with any electrical equipment such as an electric saw used for cutting branches, try to wear close-fitting attire made with materials with poor electricity conductors. Choose shoes having slip-resistant soles.

  • Equip with Ear and Eye Protectors

Sometimes the equipment used for cutting tree limbs may make loud noises. In that case, it is better to equip yourself with ear protectors. Also, when we analyze how to cut big limbs off trees that are too high, we look upwards. Dust particles, wood particles, pine needles, or even insects can fall on the eyes and irritate them. For this reason, wear an eye protector to save your eyes from such pain and discomfort.

  • Analyze the Weakness Or Cracks in the Tree Beforehand

Any cracks or weakness in the tree is an indication that it will not be capable of holding the mass weight. If something like this happens, take the support of another branch to place your body. You can also ask someone to hold you from the ground if, by chance, you fall. Moreover, we suggest cutting tree limbs from a ladder or using aerial lifting to eliminate the problem.

  • Avoid Pruning Incorrectly

Pruning trees is a very tricky task as many a time it can signify an awaited loss of the tree due to an improper cut. Thus, it is needed to cut the tree branches or limbs in the right way.

A proper cutting signifies acute pruning causing minimal damage to the tree. It helps to make the healing process rapid, but an improper cut can do the opposite. For instance, if you cut near or too far from the tree trunk, it would be troublesome.

Cutting near the tree trunk is also known as a flush cut, which creates a large wound and takes a long time to heal. Similarly, cutting far from the tree trunk, i.e., stub cut, results in decaying from the backward. This is like the slow death of the tree.

Anyway, the tree branches that are hindering the view or potential threat have to go. So, let’s check out the equipment list and get to complete the task.

Things Needed To Cut Higher Branches of the Tree

Most people usually own these things. But if you don’t have them, get them to do the cutting job.

  • 100ft Rope
  • Gloves
  • Pocket Chainsaw or Cordless Saw
  • 1.25 or 2.5-pound plate weight

If you don’t want to spend money on plate weight, get an object that weighs around 1lb. You can use it to tie the 100ft rope around.

How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach From the Ground

Step 1 – Divide the Large Rope

First, take a rope of 100ft length and cut it into two equal halves, i.e., 50 ft pieces each. You can do it easily by tying both ends of the rope to a sturdy object and pulling the rope straight to find its center. Now, from the center point of the rope, cut it into two equal pieces using a sharp blade or knife. After that, burn both the ends of the ropes to avoid any further fraying.

Step 2 – Stretch Your Shoulder

The next step is to tie the rope to the plate weight or any object used for weight and throw the rope over the branch of the tree that you want to cut down. Place it as close to the tree trunk as possible.

If the height is above 25 feet, it may be difficult to cut limbs. So, what you can do is start using a small rock and kite string. Throw the kite string over the tree branch and then tie the rope to it and pull over the rope.

In the case of extremely high limbs, use a slingshot or an arrow if you have the skill of using them.

Step 3 – Attach the Rope to the Main Equipment

Now that you have already hung the ropes over the branch, you will need to tie the end of the rope to the pocket chainsaw. Next, tie the other half of the rope that is still unused to the other end of the pocket chainsaw.

Pull the rope continuously until you see the chain sitting accurately on the top of the tree branch you are about to cut.

One pro tip is to make the chain teeth face down on top of the limb to get it easy. Otherwise, you will again have to struggle with pulling the chain down a little bit and up again. We say it is a struggle because it may take several tries to get the teeth of the chain face down.

Step 4 – Begin the Cutting Process Sawing

When everything is set nicely, this will seem to be the easiest step to perform. A pocket saw is basically a chain saw used for cutting tree limbs. With this cutting equipment, you have to throw the chain over the branch that you are about to cut. You can also use a cordless saw for pruning for better experience and comfort.

Keep the teeth or blade of the chain in the right position. This is one of the most convenient and affordable cutting tools that are very simple to use. All you need to do is put on some shoulder muscle.

Wear your gloves and pull both the ropes back and forth, maintaining a consistent speed. Avoid putting any downward pressure on the ropes by jerking or pulling them hard while you are occupied in sawing. Allow only the chain teeth to do the task.

Finally, when you get the sound of the branch cracking, get set to run! However, if the tree branch fails to come down clean, likely, the chain is still there hanging on the tree. In such a situation, continue the sawing process until the cutting is clean.

How To Cut High Tree Branches With A Pole Pruner

How To Cut Higher Tree Branches With A Pole Pruner

If you want an easy and quick process to cut the higher branches of the tree, then you will need a pole pruner. But before you invest in this pruning equipment, access the height of the limb that you want to cut.

Keenness is necessary for accessing the height of the branches. This is because they appear closer to the ground than they are in reality.

To figure out the height, you can simply compare it with a nearby building or use a measuring tape to learn the actual height. Pole pruners are available in different lengths, including fixed, telescopic, or flexible designs that you can use to increase their length.

Pole Pruner for cutting tree branches
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How to Trim A Branch with A Rope Saw

How to Cut Tree Branches Using a Ladder and a Pruner

If you have a sturdy ladder and cutting equipment such as a pruner, then you are good to go. Place the ladder in a bit of slanting position to make a grip. You can also tie the ladder on the tree to avoid shifting its position. Take the pruner and climb the tree and start the main exercise.

  • Cut Tree Limbs Using A Harness

Undoubtedly, climbing up is the first thing that comes to mind when planning to cut tree limbs. Though it mainly depends on the structure and type of the trees, most evergreen trees are easy to climb and pose no risk. If the limbs are too close to each other, then it may be difficult to climb.

Get a rope system and a harness to cut back the ends of the branch. After climbing up the tree, you need to use a saw or a pruner to cut the branch. If you have to take the cutting tool along, place it properly so that it does not cut your hands and feet.

How to stable ladder positioning
  • Contact a Professional Arborist

Nonetheless, some tree branches are too high and extremely risky at the same time to reach. If you are a novice in this work, this is a lot of risks. Moreover, some trees have complicated limbs and structures, which can be difficult to cut alone with the equipment mentioned above.

Also, it is dangerous for cutting tree limbs from a ladder in some terrains no matter how hard you tie it. Nothing is more worthy than your well-being. In such a case, contact a professional arborist to get the branches down without risking any danger.

  • Time Commitment

Cutting the tree limbs and branches does not take much time if you know the technique. Once you hang the ropes and set up everything, you will be able to take down each branch within 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Certainly, cutting off and disposing of the limbs will take some extra time.

How to Cut a Tree Branch Properly

Final Thoughts

Planting trees is vital for us and the environment. Similarly, trimming the limbs is also crucial to give a beautiful shape to the tree to avoid obstruction and accidents. As we are at the end of the article, we are sure you got the answer to how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach.

Remember, you can cut tree limbs and branches in the best way when you have the right equipment with you. When planning to cut, inspect the height and diameter of the tree. Pick efficient tools and ensure all safety measures. Put on the right clothes and shoes. Also, wear protectors to save yourself from mishaps.

In case you find the limbs and branches of the tree too complicated, call a professional for assistance. Though the simple steps will help you cut down the branches with ease, it is better to spend some extra money to maintain the safety of yourself and others.

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