7 Best Cordless Framing Nailers Reviews [LATEST]

It takes time and effort to drive a nail with hammer strokes. Cordless framing nailers have made your task easier. The portable and lightweight tools have the power to deal with thick framing lumber. Using the device, the nail driving depth is adjustable to the hardness and thickness of the workpiece. The battery-powered device is also useful for joining pieces of wood together. You can accomplish your project fast with these framing nailers. But, how will you find the best nailer for your needs?

We have picked the 7 best cordless framing nailers for carpenters and other professionals. These devices will save your energy thanks to their precision and high speed.

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What is the best cordless nail gun for framing?

  1. Milwaukee 2745-21 M18 – Most high-end cordless framing nailers
  2. BOSTITCH 20V Paper Tape BCF30PTB- Best cordless nail gun for framing
  3. SENCO F-35XP- Best cordless framing nailer with fusion technology
  4. Metabo HPT NR1890DR- Most Powerful cordless framing nailer
  5. DEWALT DCN692B 20V Framing Nailer- Best cordless framing nailer for paper collated nails
  6. DEWALT 20V Framing Nailer Kit DCN692M1
  7. NuMax SFR2190- Best pocket-friendly framing nailer

1. Milwaukee 2745-21 M18 – Most high-end cordless framing nailer

Most high-end cordless framing nailer


Weight‎6.6 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated

The Milwaukee M18 is a 30-degree model dealing with laminated engineered lumber. The framing nailer has maintained the best standard with high reliability and fast performance. 


  • Performance

One of the most notable facts is that the framing nailer can drive up to 3 nails in a second. You can also find this performance standard in pneumatic framing nailers. Drag the trigger and shoot your nails into the workpiece.

You will not find any drive consistency and power issues with the right materials and adequately sized nails. Users have made no complaint against jams and other issues. 

The Milwaukee M18 framing nailer is equipped with a 5.0Ah battery, and with a single recharge, you can drive more than 500 nails. However, it may vary with the material that you are fastening.

  • Design details

The nailer is available with the magazine, which accommodates 43 nails. Milwaukee has incorporated an optional magazine with an additional capacity. It will be useful when you need more nails. You can swap out the magazines to take advantage of the optimal capacity in your 30-degree model. Thus, there is a chance of loading up to 83 nails.

However, you must note that you cannot interchange magazines between angles. The driver is intended for a particular style.

The electronic power button is present at the rear side of the system. You have to press it for a second to activate the device. Below this button, you will find a mode switch, which is easily accessible.

Milwaukee has included rafter and belt hooks. But, the large and stout rafter hook will be more useful.

An Amazon customer said. “It is a highly efficient gun with a better quality battery. The faster performance has pleased me much.”


  • Less noise
  • Compact design
  • No compressor needed
  • Foldable rafter hook


  • Slight heavy

2. BOSTITCH 20V Paper Tape BCF30PTB- Best cordless nail gun for framing

Best cordless nail gun for framing


Weight‎‎8.1 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated

Bostitch has designed a 30-degree paper tape framing nailer that relies on a battery for operation. Sometimes pneumatic nail guns are good for some projects. However, it’s a hassle and people do not like to use air compressors with their pneumatic devices. That is why cordless nail gun Bostitch BCF30PTB is the right alternative as you don’t have to worry about the cords or compressors. You can choose it for different projects like framing, deck building, sheathing, and fencing.


  • Performance

As the best cordless nail gun for framing, the device can drive your nails at about a 30-degree angle. The innovatively designed nail gun has made it easy to set up a compressor and look for hoses.

The battery-operated brushless motor can last longer. Still, it may vary with the type of project.

The dual-speed motor performs best, and it lets you manage the speed level. You may drive through engineered lumber with a length of 3-1/2 inches.

  • Design details

The overall design of the cordless framing nailer is compact and lightweight. Based on your needs, you need to choose between the bump and sequential modes. It will make a difference in the accuracy level.

The easy-to-use rafter hook and dry fire lockout are the noticeable features of the nailer. The depth is also adjustable with minimal effort.

You will get a carrying bag with the device. The reliable tool also drives both round and clipped head nails. There is also a release lever for removing jams.

An Amazon customer said, “The device has pushed nails through for proper framing. Although the weight is slightly heavy, I have managed it.”


  • Accepts both round head and clipped nails
  • Easy driver blade resetting system
  • A good dry fire lockout system


  • Need to be more lightweight

3. SENCO F-35XP– Best cordless framing nailer with fusion technology

Best cordless framing nailer with fusion technology


Weight‎‎19.71 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated and pneumatic tool

Senco framing nailer available in a cordless model is one of the conventional systems with a pneumatic feel. Professional contractors and framers have already invested in this model. The nailer has a range of applications like siding, fencing, sheathing, subflooring, truss building, and panelized constructions. The package includes 2 batteries, a charger, and a storage bag.


  • Performance

SENCO has designed a high-end framing nailer capable of firing up to 90mm nails within a few seconds. Fusion Technology ensures that you can use the cordless model while relying on pneumatic power. Integrated with a brushless motor, the device includes a compressed nitrogen gas cylinder to pressurize and shoot with any other air source. Thus, you do not need to use a hose, and the device does not produce any odor.

The device needs an 18V 3Ah lithium-ion battery for smooth performance, and you can recharge it within 30 minutes. With 100% charged condition, you may fire up to 600 nails. The advanced charger indicates any potential issue with the battery.

It is easy to operate the best battery-powered framing nailer. You need to click a button to convert the sequential mode into the bump one. The green light indicates a sequential mode, which is best for precision nailing. In the case of the bump mode, you can fire nails by keeping your finger on the trigger.

  • Design details

The overall design is reliable with an aluminum drive cylinder and a rugged rafter hook. The device can deal with 2″ to 3 1/2″ nails. There is also a multi-purpose light on the handle of the tool. The red light indicates a jam problem with your fastener.

An Amazon user said, “It is a nice cordless nail gun, although the battery is small. However, I am pleased with other features.”


  • Jam reduction intelligence
  • A joist hook for adjustable positions
  • No ramp up time
  • Refillable air port


  • Costly

4. Metabo HPT NR1890DR– Most Powerful cordless framing nailer

Most Powerful cordless framing nailer


Weight‎‎10.1 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated

Metabo HPT NR1890DR is the best battery-powered framing nailer with pneumatic features. There is no need to use noisy compressors and messy cables.

You can drive both clipped head nails and plastic round-headed nails using the nailer. Several contractors have chosen this model for the potential drive and good holding power.


  • Performance

Metabo has added a brushless motor to power the spring mechanism. What is most interesting is the continuous frictionless rotation. With a single charge, this device ensures a longer run-time. Moreover, it maintains accuracy to fire up 3½-inch nails. You can work on engineered lumber using this framing nailer.

The drive depth is adjustable by using the quick-change dial. Based on the variety and density of the working surface, you may set the drive depth.

The cordless nail gun does not make noise and performs with high efficiency. High altitudes and low temperatures cannot affect its performance.

However, while you have kept the device inactive for 30 minutes, it will automatically enter the sleep mode. It is an innovative function to save your battery power and ensure safety.

An 18-volt 3.0Ah Li-Ion battery is needed to operate Metabo HPT NR1890DRS. In fully charged condition, the device can drive 400 nails.

  • Design details

The compact framing nailer has a non-slip rubberized grip with an ergonomic design. The side-lock trigger control is present on the handle to prevent unintentional firing while moving the tool.

The cordless nailer is easily maneuverable while you are working at the tightest corners. Moreover, the dry fire lockout is another feature to avert firing risks while your fasteners are low.

Like other nail guns, Metabo HPT has a rotating rafter hook to hang the device. Hit the ON button of the device and hold it for a few seconds. It will activate the system, and you can fire up nails. From the control panel, you can select the bump and sequential modes. There is also a LED control to indicate the battery life.

An Amazon customer said, “It is the first time I have invested in a battery-operated nail gun. The size of the device is smaller than my pneumatic nail gun. However, the battery has added a slight weight to the device.


  • High longevity
  • Less maintenance
  • Superior engineering
  • Highly durable


  • Absence of a tool-free jam-clearing system

5. DEWALT DCN692B 20V Framing Nailer- Best cordless framing nailer for paper collated nails

Best cordless framing nailer for paper collated nails


Weight‎‎8 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated

Dewalt DCN692B is the upgraded version of the gasless model- DCN690. The robust loading magazine, low maintenance needs, and several other features are advantageous for users.


  • Performance

The 4Ah Li-ion battery ensures a good run-time, and it is compatible with other tools like grinders and impact wrenches. Moreover, the brushless motor can spin fast, and it stores energy from continuous rotation. The interaction of the spinning motor and driver blade can cause the blade to move forward and drive your nails. You can press the tool’s nose to activate the system.

The DCN692 model can drive 2” to 3-1/2” nails, which are angled at 30 to 34 degrees. The shank diameters have to be between .113” to .131”. By sliding back the pusher latch, you can load the nails. Then, by releasing the latch, you may push the nail strip to the front.

The magazine is capable of holding 55 nails.

Based on your nails’ length and the type of materials, you can control the depth level of the countersink. Turn the wheel properly to maintain accuracy.

  • Design details

Dewalt has created a user-friendly design for the framing nailer. You have to remove the strip of nails and detach the battery before loosening the bolts. Rotate the magazine and remove the bent nail. The LED indicator is a useful feature to send an alert about a jam.

The nail gun also includes a non-mar tip useful for nailing on trim and siding. The motor has 2-speed options. You can choose the first speed to deal with the shorter nails. The second-speed option will be effective when you need more power to drive longer-sized nails.

An Amazon customer said, “As a DIY homeowner, I have found the tool highly useful. I have ordered the product for a remodeling project. The batteries are replaceable easily. Overall, I am pleased with Dewalt’s product.”


  • Lever for resetting a driver blade
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Easy to control rafter hook


  • Smaller nail capacity

6. DEWALT 20V Framing Nailer Kit DCN692M1

DEWALT 20V Framing Nailer Kit DCN692M1


Weight‎‎‎7.8 pounds
Power sourceCordless battery operated

We have chosen one of the lightweight framing nailers from Dewalt. A tool-free selector, tool-free adjuster, and several other features are available with this model.


  • Performance

The portable tool has good run-time and speed, and thus, you will find no issue with performance. Similar to other models, Dewalt DCN692M1 has 2 models- sequential and bump modes. Use a button at the rear side to alter the modes. To turn on the sequential mode, you need to hit the safety tip and pull the trigger. The device will start firing the nails. You can choose the sequential mode for your carpentry projects and framing purposes to maintain accuracy.

The bump mode releases the nails the safety tip works against the surface. You may select the mode for a bigger project that does not need accuracy.

  • Design details

Depth adjustment is one of the major tasks while using your framing nailer. At the rear side of the device, you will find the wheel to adjust the drive. There are also 11 clicking positions, and you can easily understand the increasing and decreasing depth.

Another important thing is the nail capacity of the DCN692M1 model. The magazine can hold more than 50 nails in the 33-degree strip. Thus, you do not need to reload the magazine multiple times while running the device.

The brushless motor has added durability to the design and ensures more torque. The dual-speed motor adjusts the firing force to your nail size. When you need to work with nails of different sizes, the brushless motor will be the right solution.

The 20 V lithium-ion battery can fire 500 shots with a single recharge. For occasional uses in your personal workshop, the battery has good run-time.

An Amazon customer said, “I always love DeWalt’s battery-operated tools, and that’s why I have picked this product. I have used the tool to drive 3″ and 2.5″ nails. However, a minor problem, I think, is the plastic nose piece.”


  • Easy to refill the magazine
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Good magazine capacity
  • No fuel cells


  • A single battery affecting the speed

7. NuMax SFR2190– Best Budget-friendly Lightweight framing nailer

Best Budget-friendly Lightweight framing nailer


Weight‎‎‎‎8.58 pounds
Power sourceCordless air powered

The SFR2190 framing nailer is a masterpiece from NuMax. However, you may also use the nailer for your framing projects. SFR2190 is a budget-friendly nail gun that does not need cords for operation.


  • Performance

At an affordable rate, you can buy this cordless framing nailer. The interchangeable trigger lets you switch between single-shot and rapid-fire modes. You can also alter the driving depth.

  • Design details

With a magnesium-based construction, the nailer has a sturdy design. The lightweight device can be carried anywhere without effort. Moreover, the no-mar tip ensures the protection to the working site.

The user-friendly device has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grasp. It is capable of absorbing vibrational energy, and thus, your hands will not feel fatigued.

An Amazon customer said, “Although I am a fan of Dewalt’s products, I have thought of trying out NuMax’s tools. I think that this brand has not compromised quality and durability.”


  • Best for your money
  • No-mar tip
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Alterable trigger


  • Trigger must be more durable

Guide to choosing the best cordless framing nailers

The term- cordless is now one of the common words used in the world of electrical appliances. These appliances can perform their functions without any cord.

Similarly, a cordless nailer is a self-driven tool running by a fuel cell or battery. Some models combine these things, and there is no need to connect a hose. While pneumatic nail guns rely on pressurized air, cordless nailers can be moved anywhere. 

Types of Cordless framing nailers

Cordless framing nailers are of 2 types:

  1. Fuel-driven
  2. Electric-driven

Electric-Driven Nailer

The cordless electric nailer has mostly a brushless motor that runs on battery power. This motor helps in the conversion of electrical energy into a mechanical one.

The best manufacturers use rechargeable Li-ion batteries for cordless framing nailers. These devices have good run-time and much power. It would be easy to fire up to 700 nails with a battery-operated cordless nailer. The quality battery takes an hour to get recharged. 

best  Li-ion batteries for cordless framing nailers

Pros of electrically operated cordless nailers-

  • No need to use gas cartridges
    • Less operational cost
    • No bad smell
    • Minimal noise

Cons of electrically operated cordless nailers-

  • The battery can drain within a short time

Fuel-Driven Cordless framing Nailer

One of the commonly chosen cordless nailers is the fuel-driven model. It works like a pneumatic nailer, as it has a compressed chamber to dispose of the gas. A small battery ignites the combustion, which drives a piston to shoot your nails.

Pros of fuel-driven cordless nailer-

  • No need to recharge
    • Longer run time
    • Drive nails in any weather condition
    • Lighter models

Cons of fuel-driven cordless nailer-

  • No system to eliminate the odd gas smell
    • It is costly to refill the canister

Firing modes and trigger size

You must not overlook these factors while buying the chosen nailer. While wearing protective gloves, you need to use a longer trigger that is easy to control.

The framing nailer also includes the firing modes-

Sequential Trigger- It matches the settings for your single shot. This restrictive trigger enables you to drive your nail through the chosen material. The safer setting provides you with optimal precision.

Bump actuation mode– The nailer shoots the nail when the gun contacts the material. The bump mode is best for those who do not focus on precision.


The degree is one of the important factors for buying nail guns. Based on your chosen degrees, you can use the nailer for particular works. The 28-degree models are best for siding, framing, trussing, and bridging projects. On the contrary, the 30-degree devices are the right choice for wall sheathing, flooring, and roof decking. 21 and 28-degree devices may not be suitable for tighter spaces. But, 30/34-degree framing nailers are best for this purpose. 

The degree of your nail gun indicates the position of the magazine. It will also affect the way in which your nail gun works.

Magazine Capacity

How many nails can be loaded to the magazine? A magazine with a high capacity can reduce your downtime. You can accomplish the task without wasting time. Professional contractors who need to deal with larger projects must check the magazine capacity to buy the best nailer. It would be time-consuming to load the magazine several times.

Adjustable Nail Depth

No one likes to find bulging nails. That is why the depth of the drive is adjustable, and it will help you to abide by the local building code. As a contractor, you may have dealt with materials of different hardness levels. You have to adjust the nail depth based on this hardness.

Some cordless framing nailers have an easily adjustable tool-free knob. You can use the knob for adjustment purposes. Thus, it is important to choose the device which lets you swap between the nails’ depths without using an additional tool.

Jam clearing technology

As you need to use your framing nailer regularly, you do not like any potential jams and obstructions. However, the build quality of your framing nailer can play a role in alleviating the jamming risks. Some devices have a single button to remove the jam. But, in the case of low-quality models, you need to use tools for opening the latch.

As the jammed nails prevent the construction flow, it is important to choose a machine with a special jam clearing system.

Ergonomics and design

Maneuverability, weight, and dimension are other relevant factors for nail gun users. The cordless framing nailers are more compact than conventional models. You can carry them to any place for your project needs.

Make sure that you can fit the nailer to the tight corners. With the cordless nailers, you will not have the hassles of using hoses and compressors.

But, electrically driven, cordless nail guns are slightly weighty because of the presence of batteries. Still, you can solve the problem by investing in ergonomic models.

How to oil a framing nailer?

As some nailers have a conventional design, it needs oiling. Proper greasing prevents the nailer from getting damaged prematurely. Especially, the movable parts need oiling.

Step 1

Disconnect the parts of your nail gun. Hold the nailer with one hand while pulling back the outer part of your drill.

Step 2

Turn your nailer to ensure the air nipple is faced up. The nipple comes out of the base of the knob.

Step 3

You can now place the tip of your oil bottle over the air nipple’s opening.

Step 4

Have some drops of oil by squeezing the bottle. The oil must drop into the nipple.

Step 5

You can now apply oil to the movable parts of your framing nailer parts.

Watch to learn how to oil cordless nailers.

How to Service a Cordless Framing Nailer?


Does Makita make a cordless framing nailer?

Yes, Makita makes cordless nail guns that are perfect for framing.

Is a battery-powered framing nailer worth it?

Of course, it’s worth it. We have reviewed the 7 best cordless framing nailers in this article that are available in the market. Hassle-fee nailing with cordless nailers is definitely worth the money! But make sure that you are taking proper care of it doing maintenances.

How does a framing nailer differ from a finish nailer?

A framing nailer is mostly used for construction works and larger DIY projects. It can deal with thicker and sturdier pieces of wood. It drives large 8-gauge nails of about 3 to 3.5 inches with a good amount of power. Speed is the biggest advantage of using a framing nailer, and thus, you can drive several nails at a time.

On the contrary, a finish nailer is one of the small nail guns for a highly delicate and precise solution. It cannot retain the bigger nails for heavy-duty materials like fences.

Can I use a framing nailer for siding?

Yes. You can use a framing nailer for siding installation. Make sure that you have chosen long nails to attach your siding properly to the wood sheathing. But, some contractors like to use a siding nail gun for installing the siding.

What is the lightest cordless framing nailer?

You can read our reviews and compare the product to find the most lightweight nailer. However, from our analysis, we have noticed that Milwaukee cordless framing nailer M18 is a comparatively lighter model.

How long do cordless nail guns last?

The overall longevity can vary with the brand you have chosen. Batteries of a cordless model have a limited lifespan, and it is mostly 3 years. The system can work up to 1,000 charge cycles. Some renowned brands have claimed that the device enables you to drive more than 35000 nails without any issue.

What gauges are framing nails?

You can use 16d nails of about 3 and 1/2 inches in length. They are highly useful for your framing projects. Moreover, you have 2 options for framing- sinkers and common nails.  

These common nails have a hefty design and a smooth head. However, sinkers are vinyl coated with a diameter of around 0.148-inch. In some instances, you need to double the studs for door trimmers. That is why you can use 10d nails for your project.

Are nail guns good for framing?

Nail guns are one of the essentials for a carpenter who likes to save energy and time. But, nail guns are of different types. Roofers use small coil nailers while framing guns are bigger.

Air guns can be the right choice for your framing needs.

What should I look for in a framing nailer?

The most important thing is the source of the power of the framing nailer. You may also compare coil-style and stick-style framing nailers. In the case of a pneumatic device, you have to check the air compressor.

What nails does the Milwaukee framing nailer take?

Milwaukee has designed a highly engineered framing nailer, which accommodates 2” to 3-1/2” nails. It has a magazine to retain a strip of nails. A single strip can comprise 43 nails.

What is the difference between a 21- and 28-degree framing nailer?

While buying a nailer, the angle between the nail magazine and the head is one of the notable factors. The angle can range from 0 to 34 degrees. However, the most popular angles are 28 degrees and 21 degrees. The steeper angle is advantageous as it enables you to use the tool in tighter spots.

The heavy-duty nailers used for construction projects generally have a 21-degree mag angle. Professionals like to drive full-size nails with full heads. Some local codes have prohibited the use of clipped-head nails for your framing purposes. Zero-degree nailers are useful for construction sites.

There is one disadvantage of using a 28-degree nailer. You may face issues with the drive mechanism. The 28-degree nailer needs to rely on smaller nails.

What is the most common framing nailer?

We cannot name any particular brand name for the framing nailer. But, most commonly, professionals like to 30-degree and 34-degree framing nailers. You can fit them into the tightest space. They can hold 2 strips of nails, and each of them can hold 80 nails.

For what purposes could I use a cordless framing nailer?

The best cordless framing gun is used for large and complicated projects like framing, deck building, fencing, roof sheathing, and sub-flooring. Moreover, framing nail guns are useful for projects where you need to loosen plaster.

Can I use 21-degree nails in a 30-degree nailer?

The nailing position and the nails’ collation differentiate a 21-degree nailer from the 30-degree model. 21-degree nails’ heads have full rounded heads and are collated by plastic. On the contrary, the 30-degree systems need paper-framing nails with clipped heads.


We have thoroughly reviewed the 7 best cordless framing nailers. We have picked the products from the most reputable brands to ensure flawless performance. Still, you will notice a difference in quality and price rates. That is why you may compare them to make your purchase decision. You will find high-quality products on our list.

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