5 Best Cordless Jigsaws for Woodworking

A jigsaw is one of the essential power tools for professional and amateur woodworkers. It is useful for making a curved cut on some thin materials. Although a jigsaw is a woodworking tool, contractors can use it for other purposes. Cordless jigsaws give you the freedom to work on your project without electrical sockets and cords. They are not less efficient than corded versions. That is why battery-operated, cordless jigsaws have become the most popular choice. But, how do you decide on the most reliable models? We have picked the 5 best cordless jigsaws perfect for hassle-free woodworking projects.

What are the advantages of using a cordless jigsaw?

·        Convenience- One of the major reasons for choosing a cordless jigsaw is that it is convenient for your everyday use. You do not need to be close to your electric power outlet. You can avoid using any cord for your power tool.

·        Easy operation- Modern cordless jigsaws are user-friendly machines. You can easily move them to different places. You have to insert the battery into the machine and get it charged.

·        Safety- Due to the absence of a cord, you can avoid accidents. Moreover, it is safe to operate the machine, as there is no connection to an electric outlet. You can concentrate on your work and keep away from any distractions.

Materials cut by jigsaws

By using the right type of blade, you can use the jigsaw for cutting different materials.

  • Wood

Jigsaws are the best tools for woodworking. So, you can cut through woods like pine and oak.

  • Laminate

While installing a laminate worktop for your kitchen, you need to make some cut-outs.

Jigsaws can be the most innovative tool to cut through thick laminated materials.

  • Metal

You can use a jigsaw for cutting straight lines and broad curves in sheet metals like iron, steel, and aluminum. It also cuts through wood with non-ferrous piping and nails.

  • Ceramic tiles

A jigsaw has narrow blades to ensure intricate cuts in your tiles. You can avoid using the tile cutting tools.

  • Plasterboard

A jigsaw is best for making cutouts in plasterboard.

  • Plastic

Set the slow speed of a jigsaw to cut through plastics like fiberglass.

What type of jigsaw blade for laminate flooring?

For cutting laminate flooring, a T-Shank jigsaw blade with a fine tooth count (such as 40-60 teeth per inch) is recommended. This type of blade will provide a clean, precise cut without damaging the laminate. Additionally, using a blade with a low tooth count will help to reduce chipping and splintering.

As a good example, BOSCH T101BR is a good blade for laminate flooring.

Reverse Pitch Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades
type of jigsaw blade for laminate flooring
BOSCH T101BR  Reverse Pitch for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades

Best cordless jigsaw review

We have thoroughly reviewed the highest-quality cordless jigsaws equipped with innovative features. You can read them carefully to make a decision.

Image Product Details   Price
Most-Efficient-Cordless-Jigsaw DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw DCS335B Most Efficient Cordless Jigsaw Check Price
Best-cordless-jigsaw-with-a-good-grip DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw DCS334B Cordless jigsaw with a good grip Check Price
Best professional-jigsaw-with-ergonomic-design Makita XVJ02Z Best professional jigsaw with ergonomic design Check Price
best-cordless-jigsaw-with-a-barrel-grip Makita Djv181Z Best cordless jigsaw with a barrel grip Check Price
Best-cordless-jigsaw-for-professional-woodworkers DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Jigsaw, DCS331M1 Best cordless jigsaw for professional woodworkers Check Price

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw DCS335B: Most Efficient Cordless Jigsaw

Most Efficient Cordless Jigsaw


Battery power20V
SpeedUp to 3,200 spm
Orbital settings4-position orbital action 

With a barrel grip, the DCS331 jigsaw shows flawless performance due to up-to-date technologies. Dewalt has tried to upgrade this model with better features. What has attracted us most is the motor quality, user-friendliness, and maneuverability. The black and yellow color combination has added a classic look.


  • Design

Dewalt has used quality metal to design the solid body of the best battery jigsaw. Due to the high-tech features, the jigsaw is comfortable to your use. Settings, switches, and controls are straightforward. Both novice and professional woodworkers can use it.

  • Performance

With a highly engineered design, the best Dewalt jigsaw cordless has a variable speed. Based on your needs, you can adjust the speed ranging from 0 to 3,200 spins per minute. The variable speed adjusting button makes the jigsaw ideal for different applications. You may use the machine for materials like plywood, hardwood, plastic, and steel.

There is also 4-position orbital action helping you to control your tool for the fastest and quality cuts. The rechargeable battery is of high quality and can last long.

The brushless motor can operate your machine at a speed of around 3200 strokes per minute. But, you can surely adjust the speed to your project needs.

  • Other features

It is easy to replace the older blades with newer ones. You have to pull the keyless lever-action bevel clamp to replace the blade. A keyless solution will make your task easier. The jigsaw is compatible with T-shank blades, which is universally acceptable. You will find professional results and optimal holding power due to these T-shank blades. By clicking a button, you can replace these blades.

The LED light integrated with the jigsaw tool is quite bright, and it illuminates your work surfaces. Like other Dewalt models, this jigsaw has keyless shoe bevels. The detents are at different angles that can be up to 45 degrees. You can easily use the machine for bevel cutting purposes.

The Dewalt cordless jigsaw also has an adjustable blower that eliminates dust and debris, allowing you to create more precise and flawless cuts. There is also a no-mar shoe cover to prevent damage to your project. But, you may also remove it without effort.

An Amazon customer said, “Using the tool, I have found better results from using the woodworking projects. I am a furniture manufacturer, and this machine has delivered accurate outcomes. Speed settings have become advantageous.”


  • Powerful jigsaw motor
  • Effortless blades replacement
  • Removable shoe cover
  • Works at a good speed
  • 4-position orbital action


  • Slightly costlier

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw DCS334B: Best cordless jigsaw with a good grip

Best cordless jigsaw with a good grip


Battery power20V
SpeedUp to 3,200 spm
Orbital settings4-position orbital action 

Dewalt provides you with cordless convenience without compromising on performance and power. Stability, accurate cuts, and ergonomic design have made the jigsaw a perfect choice for woodworkers and other professionals.


  • Design

The Dewalt 20V Max XR DCS334B has a robust and sturdy design. This reliable jigsaw includes a top-handle design, and you can comfortably hold the machine due to the soft grip. Dewalt has considerately created a rubber overmold for the curved design.

The variable speed trigger, rocker switch, and speed adjustment button are easily accessible, and you can reach them with one hand. Moreover, the overall model of the cordless jigsaw is lightweight with a 5.0Ah battery.

  • Performance

The blade speed is slightly lower than other similar models, and it is around 3200 SPM. But, in some other branded models, it is 3500 SPM. Still, one of the advantages is that you will find minimal vibration due to the lower stroke rate. The speed rate is customizable because of the variable speed trigger.

  • Other features

You can use T-shank blades to insert them easily into the machine. The keyless shoe bevel made of metal has detents at 0° to 30°. The positive stop is at 45°

You can remove the saw debris using the dust blower. The jigsaw does not cause much noise and friction. Furthermore, you can continue working in the darkroom due to the integrated LED light. It ensures accuracy in the cuts.

The battery performance is quite good, and it takes a short time to charge the battery.

An Amazon customer said, “I have used the device for lighter projects. The battery runtime is also good. Overall, I am pleased with the product quality.”


  • Keyless blade change
  • A high-performance brushless motor 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Cut in a straight line


  • No lock-on switch

3. Makita XVJ02Z: Best professional jigsaw with ergonomic design

Best professional jigsaw with ergonomic design


Battery power18V
Speed800-3,500 spm
Orbital settings 3 orbital settings

Makita has designed one of the efficient tools with a comfortable design. Equipped with a high-quality battery, this Makita cordless jigsaw provides smooth and flawless performance. The ‎18-Volt tool works at the optimal speed, and you can invest in this device.


  • Design

The overall design is ergonomic and robust. The D-shaped top handle ensures a comfortable grip. Designed with soft rubber, the handle can be gripped for long hours. The aluminum base also has a sturdy construction, and it ensures higher accuracy due to the minimal vibrations. You can cut through different materials for several hours. 

  • Performance

Makita XVJ02Z includes a specially designed brushless tool that ensures the high efficiency of your machine. Contractors can use the tool for their construction projects.

The electronically controlled motor uses minimal energy to make your battery long-lasting. With a single charge, you can use your battery for a couple of hours. The motor has no carbon brushes, and it remains cooler during your operation.

 Along with this brushless motor technology, the cordless model has a lithium battery. There are also 3 orbital settings to ensure optimal performance of the jigsaw.

The speed of the best cordless Makita jigsaw is between 800 and 3500 SPM. There is also a locking mechanism for the jigsaw’s trigger. You can use the variable speed trigger for consistent cuts. The stroke length is about an inch, and you can make 900 strokes in a single minute.

  • Other features

You can use the jigsaw to cut wood and other materials without any concern. Due to the built-in LED lights, you can use the device in dim light conditions. The integrated dust-eliminating system will save you effort and time.

This dust blower also helps in clearing your cut line. Your workspace will be free from dust particles, and you can maintain a clean environment.

The standby mode of the device is about 10 seconds. When you do not use the tool for about 10 seconds, it will be in a sleeping mode. Moreover, the lock switch saves you from unwanted injury.

An Amazon customer said, “This tool is best for precision cutting. I love the product because it helps me in reducing rough cuts.”


  • Dual LED lights
  • Lightweight 
  • Smooth saw
  • Consistent cut
  • Less noise


  • No dust extraction bag
  • The power button needs better positioning.

4. Makita Djv181Z: The best cordless jigsaw with a barrel grip for Woodworking

best cordless jigsaw with a barrel grip


Battery power18V
Speed800 – 3500spm
Orbital settings 3 orbital settings 

We have chosen another unparalleled cordless jigsaw from Makita. You can carry it effortlessly to any place. This device is perfect for cutting through metal and wood. The blade also performs well for professional contractors.


  • Design

Makita DJV181Z cordless jigsaw has a solid structure and quality components with a barrel-type handle. The professional finish ensures that the device will retain its aesthetics for years. The heavy-duty aluminum base is another feature that has not added weight to the machine. There is also a cover plate to prevent scratches to the workpiece.

  • Performance

 The superior-grade brushless motor designed with brushless technology ensures optimal performance. The motor will consume the power needed for your operation. The 390W rated motor makes your cutting tasks easier.

Based on your chosen materials, the blade will rotate differently. You will also find a variable control dial to adjust the speed from 500 to 3500spm. The stroke length of the machine is around 26mm.

Moreover, the Soft Start is a special function to ensure better performance of the machine. The Soft No-Load option is another noticeable feature to minimize the motor speed automaticallywhile the machine is in idle condition. It also reduces vibrations to your hands and the machine’s body.

  • Other features

The presence of twin LED job lights has added functionality to the jigsaw. You can continue cutting your materials in low-light conditions. Additional features of the jigsaw are the dust nozzle, anti-splintering device, and cover plate.

An Amazon customer said, “Makita has designed a seamless machine. At first, I felt confused with the button for operations. However, I am now familiar with it and use the machine regularly.”


  • Universal shank
  • Tool-less blade replacement
  • High-quality construction


  • Battery not included in the package

5. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Jigsaw, DCS331M1: Best cordless jigsaw for professional woodworkers

Best cordless jigsaw for professional woodworkers


Battery power20V
Speed 0-3,000 spm
Orbital settings4-position orbital action 

DCS331M1 is one of the newest models in the DC series. We have found a highly durable construction of this cordless model. The jigsaw has made it easy to make angled and curved cuts.


  • Design

Dewalt has created a user-friendly design for this cordless jigsaw. It is easy to replace the old blades with new ones. The detents with the all-metal keyless shoe bevel are at different degrees, ranging from 0° to 45°. There is also a 4-position orbital action to ensure perfect control of speed and cut quality. You can use T-shank blades for professional-standard outcomes. The anti-slip grip lets you hold the machine comfortably.

  • Performance

DCS331M1 has satisfied users with its consistent performance. You can continue running the machine for hours without showing signs of fatigue. The speed is adjustable from 0 to 3,000 spm. So, you can control it based on your needs.

The 3.0 Ah battery also makes the performance seamless, and you can find the charger included in the package.

  • Other features

Like other models, this Dewalt machine lets you replace the blades without tools. The surface blower with adjustable features prevents the sawdust buildup. The kit comprises 2 blades, and one of them is a T-shank wood blade. But, the larger blade maintains the perpendicular position of the saw blade to the surface. You can cut your materials in a straight line.

According to an Amazon customer, “The tool is safer for your use. This cordless model is best for cutting thin metals and wood.”


  • Keyless blade replacement
  • Blade with a spring-loaded feature 
  • A lower guide roller


  • No custom angles

Guide to buying the best cordless jigsaws

To purchase the best battery-powered jigsaw, you need to focus on some important factors.


The difference in power can affect the cordless jigsaw’s cutting speed. Make sure the jigsaw has enough power to work on the materials you have chosen.

Variable Speed Controller

It is highly important for precise and smooth cuts. A tool with variable speed settings is better than a single-speed tool. You can control the speed while dealing with a project. Moreover, the speed level adjustment prevents the risk of accidents.


You like to carry your cordless jigsaw to different places to serve your customers. That is why the portability of the cordless jigsaw is highly important. Make sure that you have bought a lightweight jigsaw to avoid feeling fatigued.

Battery Life

Reliable batteries can last long, so you must check the battery quality and capacity before investing in cordless jigsaws.

Blade adjustment

You must choose a cordless jigsaw, which enables you to adjust the blades without tools. It will be a hassle-free solution for you. You may replace the blade anytime without any tool.

Check the stroke length-

 The stroke rate and stroke length are major factors affecting the jigsaw’s cutting capacity. The stroke length refers to the distance traveled by the blade up and down when you cut any material. It can be between 18mm and 26mm. You will enjoy a faster cut with a longer stroke length. A higher number of teeth will contact your workpiece for every stroke.

Moreover, a longer stroke has the potential to cut thicker materials. You do not need to put much stress on your blade, and thus, your blade will last longer. 

The best jigsaws have a 25-26mm stroke length.

Size of your jigsaws

Jigsaws are smaller compared to other powered saws available in the market.

You will find jigsaws of varying lengths. The length of tools can be from 200mm to 350mm. Power tools have special capabilities related to size. However, you may not find much difference in the power of smaller and larger jigsaws. Several manufacturers try to reduce the machine’s size tools to make the design more comfortable. Most importantly, your jigsaw’s size does not affect its cutting ability.

Shoes of your jigsaws

The shoe refers to the base plate of a machine, and it plays a role in cutting the material accurately. As the jigsaw’s blade moves fast up and down, the base plate should endure the vibration caused during operation. Magnesium, steel, and aluminum are the most commonly used metals used for designing jigsaw shoes.

Steel shoes are best for minimizing vibration, and you can hold the machine tightly.

Jigsaw handles of different types

Jigsaw handles are mainly of 2 types- Top handle and barrel handle. Let us find their detailed features.

  • Top handle

Also known as D-handle and bow handle, the top handle has a speed control dial and a trigger switch. As it ensures a slimmer grip, you can hold it comfortably. For this reason, jigsaw manufacturers have designed this grip for their products. But, while cutting tighter curves, it is not easy to maneuver the device with a top handle. Still, you will find better stability and control with the jigsaw.

  • Barrel grip

In the case of the barrel grip, the motor housing of the jigsaw works as the tool’s handle. The center of gravity of the jigsaw is low, and you will find a higher accuracy. You can maintain the cutting line and keep the workpiece stable. There is a knob at the barrel grip jigsaw, and you have to hold the machine with both hands.

You can choose the grip based on the type of tasks handled by you. A barrel grip jigsaw is a right choice for more precise applications.

For buyers who are confused and cannot decide on the right jigsaw, a convertible grip is an alternative. The top handle is removable to convert it into a barrel grip. With this convertible grip, you can adjust the tool to have better control.

Cordless jigsaws of different types

  • Carbon-Steel jigsaws

These jigsaws have become highly popular, as they are useful for cutting PVC piping and wood. Carbon-steel jigsaws are highly affordable and made from a flexible material. But, carbon-steel blades become dull within a short period, and thus, you have to sharpen them to continue using these blades.

  • Bi-Metal

Contractors looking for powerful jigsaws can choose this bi-metal. The blade of the jigsaw has a highly sharpened edge. The teeth of the blade are efficient at cutting heavy-duty metals and other materials. For instance, the combination of high-speed steel and carbon steel blade teeth makes the jigsaw powerful. The durable jigsaw also cuts through dense hardwood.

  • Carbide

The highly resilient carbide jigsaws have a special blade with a coated edge. The tungsten carbide coating makes the blades more powerful. You can cut fiberglass, steel, ceramics, and several other materials. The carbide jigsaws ensure smooth cuts, although you work on materials.  

We have discussed jigsaw blades of varying materials. But, we can categorize jigsaw blades based on the number of teeth and the type of shank.

  • T-shank- Several modern jigsaws are compatible with T-shank blades, which are very easy to use. You can also switch these blades between different jigsaws. As a tang is present at the top of the shank, it is known as the T-shank blade. You may insert it into any tool-less blade clamp.
  • U shank- These blades have a U-shaped cut at the top of the shank. Older jigsaws need a hole below the U-shaped cut.


Other specialist blades

While making different cuts, you need to replace your jigsaw blade. Specialist blades are essential in some projects. For instance, blades are available with reverse teeth for cutting on the downstroke. They help in preventing damage to the surface of your material. Similarly, there are plunge-cut blades with sharp tips on the ends. You can pierce the workpiece before starting the cutting process. Plunge-cut blades are useful for dealing with plasterboard and softwood.

Teeth per inch

How many teeth does a blade have? It will affect both the quality and speed of the cut. Fewer teeth make the cut rougher and faster. The presence of more teeth will restrict the speed of cutting of materials. But, you will have a smoother finish.

The TPI should range from 6 to 20 to cut wood and other soft materials. But, for harder materials, the TPI must be 14-36.

Additional features of cordless jigsaws

To ensure versatility and performance, jigsaws must have some additional features.

  • Tool-less shoe adjustment– You can find jigsaw shoes set at varying angles to ensure bevel cuts.

At times, the angle is adjustable by making the screws loose. But, it is best to choose jigsaws that do not need tools to alter shoes.

  • Orbital action– This feature will make your jigsaw versatile because the blades can move in different motions. It helps in cutting the material faster. Some jigsaws are adjustable to 5 settings, including the orbital action and straight cutting.
  • Dust blower– Though jigsaws may not turn out a high amount of debris, dust control is useful. A dust blower integrated with the machine passes the air in the right direction. The sawdust will not blow away, and you will not have visibility problems. Use a dial to control the dust blower.
  • LED– An LED light is advantageous, as you may need to use your jigsaw in the low-light zones. The light illuminates the cutting line, and you can find higher visibility to ensure accurate results.
  • Internal blade storage– The built-in blade storage enables you to keep your blades secure. When you need these blades, you may access them easily.
  • Laser guide– The best jigsaws can project a laser guide to help you with precise and straight cuts.
  • Anti-splinter insert- Some packages include this part fitted to the shoe to reduce damage to your workpiece. Your materials will have no splintering issues.

A few tips for making the best use of cordless jigsaws.

  • Your cordless jigsaws may turn out dust, and thus, you must use protective gear to save your eyes.
  • While adjusting the blade, you must turn off the system. It is also safe to detach the battery at the time of dealing with the blade.
  • Ensure that the battery is charged when you operate the machine. When you need to work for a longer period, it is essential to have a backup battery.
  • Double-check the blade to ensure its sharpness. You can also sharpen the blade to get the best result.
  • You must choose the right type of blade that works for your materials.

How to use a cordless jigsaw?

Bought a new cordless jigsaw and don’t know how to use it? No problem we got you! Watch this video to learn how to use a cordless jigsaw in detail.

How to change a blade on a jigsaw?

Watch this video to learn how to change the blades of a cordless jigsaw.


How does a jigsaw differ from an orbital jigsaw?

A normal jigsaw is capable of moving the blade in upward and downward motions. On the contrary, the orbital jigsaw causes the forward and backward motions of the blade. It helps with more efficient and faster cuts. 

What is the best wattage for a jigsaw?

Power is one of the major criteria for buying cordless jigsaws. Based on the material’s thickness, you need to decide on the power. Standard jigsaws work with 350 to 700W. But, jigsaws for professional purposes reach the wattage level to 1500W. But, a jigsaw power should not be less than 700W. 

Are brushless jigsaws better?

Jigsaws with brushless motors are better than the brushed versions. You can take advantage of higher efficiency, reduced maintenance, minimal noise, and reduced heat. Most of the high-end machines have brushless motors.

Are jigsaws with batteries good?

Battery-powered jigsaws are easy to operate without an electrical connection. Moreover, these jigsaws have a portable design, and you can carry them to any place without feeling bulky.

Can you use a jigsaw to cut Aluminum?

Yes, you can cut aluminum with a jigsaw. Both wood and metal cutting blade jigsaws are suitable for the job.

What are reverse jigsaw blades used for?

Reverse jigsaw blades are perfect for pre-finished surfaces so that you can reduce the risk of damaging the surface. It’s mostly popular for cutting laminate worktops.

Which way does the blade face on a jigsaw?

Most widely chosen for a standard jigsaw blade direction is, teeth pointing upward to cut on the blade’s upstroke.

How to use a cordless jigsaw?

You should have a proper workspace to work on your wood cutting project with a jigsaw. Before starting the cutting process, you have to make your clamps ready. Moreover, it is important to put on ear foam and safety goggles to ensure protection. A mask is another safety kit to prevent dust from entering the jigsaw.

Steps for cutting jigsaw

  • Clamp your workspace and manage the orbital action.
  • You can then insert a blade into your machine.
  • Place the battery in the right compartment.
  • Now, place the base of your jigsaw on the workspace.
  • Pull the trigger to let the blade start running at an optimal speed.
  • Rely on the edge guide to make sure that you are cutting your material in a straight line.
  • Stop the blade’s function after accomplishing your tasks.
  • Take the battery out of your jigsaw while moving the machine to a different place.


What is the best cordless jigsaw? You can now find an answer to this question by reading our reviews. We have picked products of Dewalt and Makita because these are prominent brands in the market. You can compare the features of these products to make your decision. Moreover, our comprehensive buying guide will enable you to make the right decision.

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