3 Best Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaws: Best of the Market!

Professional woodworkers always look for the most innovative tools to accomplish their woodworking projects. Jigsaws are one of the innovations that have made woodworkers’ lives easier. But, jigsaws are not merely woodworking tools, as you can use them for a range of purposes. Woodworkers and other professionals mostly prefer cordless jigsaws. Surely, performance should be the priority for buying cordless jigsaws. However, some contractors are concerned about the grip of the jigsaws. We have picked the best cordless barrel grip jigsaw models for your purpose.

What is a barrel grip of a jigsaw?

Beginners using the cordless jigsaws may not be familiar with the barrel grip. While the top handles (also known as D-handles) are older models, barrel grips are something new. A barrel grip does not refer to a separate handle of the device. But, it can be called the extension of the device. You have to grip it around the tool’s housing. Your hand will be closer to your workpiece. That is why you will find better control.

Moreover, a low-profile design fits easily into any tighter spaces. Both cordless and corded jigsaws are available with barrel grips. However, we have focused on the best cordless barrel grip jigsaw in this review.

Should you go for barrel grips?

There are some pros and cons of barrel grips. The major advantages are:

  • Better control
  • Higher visibility of the jigsaw blade and cut line- You can easily make a straight cut.
  • Due to the lower profile, the machine accesses tighter spaces
  • You can use the machine upside down and in any other position

Some limitations of the barrel grip jigsaw:

  • Not much ergonomics for workers who need to work for a long period
  • The motor causes heat transfers
  • A grip with a wider diameter

You can rely on your personal choices to buy the jigsaw with a barrel grip. There is no difference in the way of operating 2 handle styles.

3 best barrel grip jigsaws

We have now analyzed the features of the best 3 barrel grip jigsaws for your projects.

Image Product Details   Price
DEWALT-Barrel-Grip-Jig-Saw-review DEWALT Barrel Grip Jig Saw Most technologically advanced cordless jigsaw Check Price
Makita-Cordless-Brushless-Barrel-Grip-Jigsaw Backpac Blower Color: Worx
Note: Includes 10-gallon
reusable collection bag.
Check Price
Bosch-Professional-Most-lightweight-Cordless-barrel-grip-jigsaw Cordless Blower Color: Greenworks
Note: Can move freely while
clearing leaves and debris.
Check Price

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, Barrel Grip (DCS335B): Most technologically advanced cordless jigsaw

DEWALT Barrel Grip Jig Saw review

DeWalt’s DCS335B is one of the reliable barrel grip jigsaws with solid construction. The tool height is around 7.2-inches, while the length is about 10.4 inches. Thus, you can easily fit the jigsaw into small spaces. The lightweight tool is equipped with a range of features.


Source of powerBattery
Speedup to 3,200 spm
Orbital action4-position orbital action


  • Design

The all-metal lever-action combined with a keyless blade has presented you with a quality jigsaw. You can quickly and easily replace the t-shank blade of your jigsaw. Another important feature of the machine is a keyless shoe bevel that enables you to adjust detents at different degrees (0, 30, 15, and 45).

Overall, DeWalt’s DCS335B has a compact shape and comfortable grip. You can manage intricate cuts and maintain a high level of precision. There is also a detachable shoe cover intended to prevent scratches to your materials. Moreover, DeWalt has considerately added a dust blower to remove debris and dirt particles from the light of sight. It ensures the preciseness of every cut.

While working in a dim light condition, you can take advantage of the built-in LED light. The bright light illuminates your work surfaces. You can easily make a perfect cut of your workpiece. 

  • Performance

The brushless motor integrated into this tool ensures a longer runtime. Several users have claimed that this machine has worked efficiently. DeWalt’s DCS335B is the best barrel grip jigsaw helping you to cut wood and other materials at the optimal speed. There is a variable speed dial easily accessible to you. Thus, you can adjust the speed to 3200 RPM.

Furthermore, the machine includes a 4-position orbital action that enables you to maintain the cut quality.

Beginners can also find professional-standard results from the barrel grip jigsaws.

Dewalt Cordless barrel grip jigsaw review


  • Easy blade replacement
  • Ergonomic design
  • Include LED


  • No lock-on button
  • No cut-line indicator

How to Install Collins Coping Foot on Cordless Dewalt Jigsaw?

2. Makita Djv181Z: Best cordless barrel jigsaw with a brushless motor

Makita Cordless Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw


Source of powerBattery
Speed 800 – 3500spm. 
Orbital action3 orbital settings

Makita is known for designing cordless power tools with brushless motors, and the Djv181Z jigsaw is also one of them. We have found a highly engineered design for this cordless barrel grip jigsaw.


  • Design

One of the biggest reasons for choosing Makita Djv181Z is the comfortable grip. The rubberized grip ensures that you can hold the handle for a longer period. As you will feel comfortable, you can make precise cuts. Moreover, you will enjoy better control of the device.

What we like most is the lock-off switch, which is one of the safety features of the jigsaw. It is also conveniently located, and you can access it easily. This button is intended to prevent accidental activation of the motor.

The tool also includes a blower to remove loose dirt from your cutting lines. Another remarkable feature of the barrel grip jigsaw is the battery charge indicator to check how much energy is left. Due to the fastest charging unit, you can charge the battery within 45 minutes.

Another remarkable feature is that the jigsaw has a dust extraction hose joint to make the system free from debris.

  • Performance

The brushless motor ensures the best performance of the tool. The patented design helps you with accurate and straight cuts. Moreover, the innovatively designed tool minimizes vibrations during your cutting project. It is mainly because of the soft, no-load functionality. The motor speed will get reduced during the idling condition.

 When you turn on the motor, the twin LEDs will automatically get illuminated. Thus, the cutting line will be visible to you. You will find a button on the side to control the 3 orbital settings. You will be able to control the blade and cut thicker materials. Using the jigsaw, you can make 800 to 3500 strokes per minute.

Makita Cordless barrel grip jigsaw review


  • Solid structure
  • Good motor performance
  • Tool-less blade replacement


  • Battery not included

3. Bosch GST 18 V-LI S – Most lightweight barrel grip jigsaw

Bosch Professional Most lightweight Cordless barrel grip jigsaw


Source of powerBattery
Speed 550spm to 2700spm
Orbital actionNo

The Bosch GST 18 V-LI S is a compact and powerful tool that has maintained the best performance standard. As it is a cordless model, you can take it anywhere. We have picked this barrel grip jigsaw for some unique features.


  • Design

The body grip model is easy to use, and you can replace your blade without any effort. Use a single hand to manage your jigsaw blade, and there is no need to use additional tools. The jigsaw also has an LED to illuminate the worksite. Moreover, Bosch has integrated a blower to remove the dust from the cut line. As the cut line will be visible, you can maintain accuracy.

  • Performance

The jigsaw is equipped with the 4-stage pendulum action. That is why the blade can move in a circular motion. You will find the backward and forward movement of the blade. 

Another remarkable feature is the intelligent brake system that can instantly stop the jigsaw blade after the release of the trigger. You can prevent over-cutting. 

18V Li-ion batteries used for other Bosch tools are compatible with this cordless jigsaw. Bosch Li-ion batteries last longer, and you will find a longer runtime. 

Bosch Cordless barrel grip jigsaw review


  • Pendulum stroke adjustment
  • Easy to replace the blade
  • A compact design


  • Slightly slower

Guide to buying the best cordless barrel grip jigsaw

We have provided a comprehensive guide on how to pick the right cordless jigsaw with a barrel grip. Check some factors while buying the tool.

Easy of replacing the jigsaw blade

The standard jigsaws have a special design to let you replace the blade easily. In most models, you need to push a button to release your jigsaw blade. At times, the removal of a blade involves the use of a wrench. 90% of modern jigsaw modes have eliminated the need for using tools for this purpose. As woodworkers do not like to waste time in replacing their blades, manufacturers have paid attention to the blade replacement technique.

Some manufacturers mention that the level of the blade has to correspond to your jigsaw’s position. A minor misalignment at the time of installing the blade would result in a stuck. Thus, you may find issues while detaching your blade. Put on a pair of gloves to prevent injury to your hands.

Motor type and power

Cordless jigsaws have become highly powerful due to technological advancements. Some of them perform better than corded models. The battery is the source of the power of the device. Thus, while purchasing the cordless jigsaw, it is essential to check the battery voltage. It will range from 12V to 24V.

The modern jigsaw models have brushless motors that provide longer runtimes. These motors also last long.

Speed settings

From a technical perspective, higher battery power ensures a more powerful jigsaw. More power results in a higher speed of the cutting mechanism. Manufacturers always mention the strokes per minute, and you need the right amount of power based on your application. SPM ranges from 2400 to 3500.

The best jigsaws have a variable speed setting. Using the dial, you can adjust the speed up to 7 levels. The first level is the lowest speed, and the higher levels can increase the speed. However, beginners can choose the slowest one at first. They can adjust it based on the resistance level of the workpiece.

Due to the variable speed setting options, you will be able to make smooth cuts.

Note that some users choose the highest speed level to cut metal sheets. But, they are not right. In some cases, higher SPM is needed for the thick piece of wood. Interestingly, it is easy to cut the aluminum and metal objects with a slow setting.

Jigsaw Blades

Blade shanks used for jigsaws are of different types- U-shank and T-shank. A shank refers to the section of the blade fitted to the clamp. Some modern jigsaws have a special design that accepts only T-shank blades. It is easy to replace the blade without using a tool. But, there are also jigsaws, which accept both types of blades.

After identifying the type of blade acceptable to the jigsaw, you can find out the blades most efficient for your cutting projects. The type of cut you need is another factor in deciding on what blades you should use. Moreover, the TPI number and the blade material are some other relevant factors for your jigsaw.

Several blades are available for cutting ceramic, metal, and wood. Moreover, blades should be different for scroll, straight, and curved cuts.

Is the grip comfortable?

We have focused on the barrel grip of the jigsaw. But, you have to ensure that there is a rubber overmold to ensure more control over the cordless tool. It is good to choose jigsaw grips that have an ergonomic shape. The best grips will maintain accuracy and ensure your safety.

Also, the tool must be comfortable to use, as you may need to use it regularly for your projects.

Dust Management capability

It is one of the special features intended to remove dust particles from the cutting line. Jigsaws do not produce a high amount of sawdust. Still, it is essential to have a dust management system in the machine. 

Budget-friendly jigsaws are integrated with a dust blower designed to blow out the debris. But, with a slightly higher budget, you will find a dust extraction port and dust blower. 

Stroke Length

While buying the barrel grip jigsaw, you must not overlook this feature. The length of the stroke can range from ¾ “to 1”. With a longer stroke, you will be able to make faster cuts. 

Blade Guiding

A premium-quality jigsaw has a blade roller guide to prevent the bending issue of the blade. Moreover, it sustains the blade inserted between the guides. You can maintain accuracy due to this innovative feature. But, the cheaper models have the basic jigsaws.

Battery Life

Your cutting projects can be of different types, and they can affect the jigsaw’s battery life. The frequency of using the jigsaw is another relevant factor that affects the energy of your tool’s battery. Smaller 1.5 mAh batteries may not last long. The latest jigsaws with advanced technology will prevent overheating issues. They ensure optimal performance of the battery, charger, and tool. 

Some brands include one battery with the package. But, in other cases, you have to buy it separately.


Should you use a jigsaw to make a bevel cut?

Some users do not prefer jigsaws for achieving bevel cuts. However, there are several benefits of using these tools. The best jigsaws are designed to tilt at 22.5 to 55-degree angles. The most commonly chosen bevel cut angle is 45 degrees, and several jigsaw modes are highly compatible with it. Furthermore, screws in the base of the tool enable you to ensure a better reach of the chosen angle. You can tighten the screw and maintain a proper bevel angle. Some jigsaws with Allen wrenches can be the best choice for adjusting the angle.

Is speed the most important factor in buying the jigsaw?

You can find some tools with a high blade speed. This feature easily attracts lots of users. The number of strokes can affect a few things about your project. However, the most important fact is how fast you can cut the workpiece. That is why you have to check the SPM of the machine. Interestingly, performance is not everything about SPM. You can find some brands that include a speed stabilizer along with other things. You will still find variations in the result.

How do you ensure your safety while operating the cordless jigsaw?

We have shared with you some safety tips-

  • Make sure that the switch is turned off before preparing your workpiece for cutting projects.
  • Your fingers should be away from the blades.
  • Remove any wrench and the adjusting key before turning on the jigsaw.
  • Do not use your hands to clean the jigsaw table when the saw continues its operation.
  • Hold the tool with your hands while operating it. You will find better control.
  • Never apply too much force while running a jigsaw. It is especially important when you cut angles and curves. The blade must not get twisted. 


The market is filled with several jigsaw models of corded and cordless versions. However, we have made your purchase easier by picking the best cordless barrel grip jigsaws. Those who prefer barrel grips do not need to browse through a vast collection. We have thoroughly analyzed every detail of the cordless jigsaw. Our reviewers have read customer testimonials before adding products to the list. We have focused more on the performance and overall build quality of the products. You can easily make a comparative study of our chosen products. Our buying guide will also be helpful for those who think of buying their first jigsaws.

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