7 Best Cordless Finish Nailers for Professionals

Cordless devices have made our lives easier. It is also true for carpenters and contractors who deal with nails. The best cordless finish nailers ensure a comfortable grip and smooth performance. The finish nailers can be a perfect choice to install window and door trims, baseboard, crown molding, and chair rail. So in brief, finish nailers are used mostly for detailed fine work for finishing whereas framing nailers are mostly for heavy-duty jobs.

Small and compact nail guns do not cost high. You can easily operate these handheld devices and accomplish your nailing jobs. But, you will notice subtle differences in cordless finish nailers manufactured by several well-known brands. We have picked a few of the best cordless finish nailers to make your purchase easier.

What is a finish nailer used for?

Finish nailers are available in 2 different gauges:

  • 15-gauge
  • 16-gauge

15-gauge nailers have the potential to shoot nails with a length of around 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ and you may choose these nailers to install baseboards, pre-hung doors, nailing large doors casing and studs, or even when installing stair treads/risers.

16-gauge nailers can drive thinner nails with a smaller head. Some devices can shoot nails
with a length of 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ and are used for different applications like crown molding, interior trim, and

7 Best Battery Powered Angle Finish Nailers in the Market

  1. DEWALT 20V DCN660D1 – The most efficient finish nailer
  2. Paslode 916000 Cordless Finish Nailer- The most easily maneuverable finish nailer
  3. Ryobi 18V One+ Airstrike- Best technologically advanced finish nailer
  4. Metabo HPT Cordless Finish Nailer Kit- The most compact cordless finish nail gun
  5. CRAFTSMAN’s V20- The best value finish nailer
  6. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2742-20 M18- Best cordless angled finish nailer
  7. Dewalt DCN650D1- The most ergonomic cordless finish nailer

1. DEWALT 20V DCN660D1: The most efficient finish nailer


most efficient finish nailer


Power sourceBattery

Dewalt is always the most reputed brand name known for manufacturing power devices. The DCN660D1 16-gauge Dewalt cordless finish nailer has a lightweight design with top-quality features. You can use it for different projects, from crown molding to door casing. DCN660D1 is an upgraded model, and thus, you will find a flawless design with this cordless nailer. 


  • Performance

The 16-gauge nailer has angled configurations, and you can shoot up to 800 nails in a single recharge. Both DIY users and carpenters can use this battery-operated nailer. Moreover, the integrated brushless motor is durable and ensures a longer runtime. 

Dewalt has tried to create an advanced design by adding dual firing modes:

  1. Bump firing
  2. Sequential firing.

You can choose the sequential mode when you need high accuracy. But, the bump mode is perfect for carpentry works, which need the fastest output.

  • Design

Depth adjustment is one of the major features of a cordless finish nailer. You can alter the driving depth to maintain consistency and precision. There is no need to use any tool for this purpose.

The magazine capacity is larger when compared to other cordless finish nail guns. You do not need to reload your nailer’s magazine several times. From the Dewalt DCN660D1 finish nailer, we have found that it can accommodate 110 nails. It is one of the reasons why several professionals have invested in this device.  

The tool-free jam-clearing system is another added advantage of using the cordless finish nailers. The jams are easy to remove, and you can operate your machine smoothly.

The finish nailer has visible and bright multifunctional lights. While working in a dark space, you can illuminate the system and continue your nailing jobs without any issue.

An Amazon customer said, “I have driven more than 1000 nails throughout the week. The nailer has worked flawlessly. The small battery has a high capacity. Although it generates sound, it is quieter than pneumatic nailers. It needs angled nails for the nailing process.”


  • Lightweight model
  • Use the device in multiple orientations
  • Never damage the finishes


  • LED light- Not in the proper position

2. Paslode 916000 Cordless Finish Nailer: The most easily maneuverable finish nailer

The most easily maneuverable finish nailer


Power sourceBattery

Paslode has designed one of the lightweight and user-friendly devices. You can operate the machine easily without any complications. The buttons are easily accessible, and you can drive your nails.


  • Performance

Due to the high maneuverability, you can place the nails at the right spot. When the device is 100% charged, you could shoot up to 12000 nails. Moreover, as the finisher has the battery standby technology, the device can conserve the battery power for a longer period. The best fact is that the fuel cells and finish nails work together for the ultimate performance.

You can deal with nails of about 1-1/4″ to 2 1/2″ in length. The magazine capacity is good, as it holds around 100 nails. The 7.4V Li-ion battery is highly powerful and runs the cordless finish nail seamlessly.

  • Design

Although the device is made of plastic, it is a high-quality material. You will have no question about durability. While putting your effort into a non-stop nailing project, your hands will not feel tired. The cordless finish nailer weighs about 4.6lbs, and you can comfortably grip the machine. Moreover, the nailer does not leave markings and scratch marks on the surface. You can drive straight finish nails into hardwood.

An Amazon customer said, “The nail gun is of high quality, and I used it for nailing into mahogany flooring surface. The battery is also long-lasting. I think that it is the perfect choice for carpentry works.”


  • Lightweight
  • Non-stop nailing
  • Reliable battery


  • Need fuel cells

3. Ryobi 18V One+ Airstrike: Best technologically advanced finish nailer

Best technologically advanced finish nailer


Power sourceBattery

Ryobi is known for manufacturing Li-ion tools, and this 18V finish nailer is a 16-gauge device with smooth performance. Ryobi has implemented innovative technology in designing the best cordless finish nailer.


  • Performance

Users have claimed that they have found no performance flaws in the finish nailers. The nail dimension needs to be between 3/4 inch and 2-1/2 inches. The integrated magazine accommodates 10 fasteners. You can access the magazine to remove the potential jams. By flipping the lever, you may make it free from jams.

Adjusting the depth of drive is not complicated. By using a dial, you can decrease and increase the depth. It is a tool-free solution for users. The air pressure adjusting system is present at the backside of the model. You can move it left and right to the dial to adjust the pressure.

  • Design

Due to the user-friendly design, beginners can easily use the Ryobi P325 model and fire sequentially. However, you can also fire through contact with the use of the selector switch present above the battery-holding compartment. Below this control, there is an actuation trigger, and you must not hit it accidentally. Moreover, the LED light at the front side will start blinking to indicate a low battery charge.

The cordless finish nailer includes a special grip zone with a rubberized overmold to make you feel comfortable. You can install the belt hook at any side.

An Amazon customer said, “The nailer has gone beyond my anticipations. I have once used an 18-gauge nailer of my friend. However, the 16-gauger from Ryobi is better for me. While dealing with heavier wood, I have used the nail gun.


  • Dual chemistry charger
  • Toolless depth-of-drive adjustment 
  • Special AirStrike Technology 


  • No complaint found

4. Metabo HPT Cordless Finish Nailer Kit: Most compact cordless finish nail gun

most compact cordless finish nail gun


Power sourceBattery

Metabo has earned fame by launching high-end power devices in the market. We have chosen the cordless finish nailer that needs no compressor and hose. The 2-1/2-inch cordless angled finish nailer has shown incomparable performance. You can use it for the finish nailing work and carpentry work.


  • Performance

The cordless finish nailer is comparable to its pneumatic counterparts. The nail gun has an integrated air spring drive system helping to drive every nail. The nailer ensures faster driving and zero ramp-up time. The device is run with a 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery that does not add weight to your nailer. Moreover, with a single charge, you can drive up to 1,500 nails.

The most important part of the finish nailer is the Brushless Motor Technology, which delivers a high amount of power to your finish nailer. Moreover, you can choose between sequential and bump modes to operate the device. The magazine can hold up to 100 nails, and we think that it will be useful for your nailing project.

  • Design

Metabo has created an innovative design for the cordless finish nailer. With a standard thumb wheel, you can make depth adjustments. You do not need to use additional tools for this purpose.

Your device will never run out of battery, as there is an integrated indicator. The optional actuation button is also accessible to you. Manufacturers have paid high attention to the safety of users. As there are side lock switches, there is no risk of accidental firing.

The pivoting belt hook is best for professionals who need to carry the nail from one place to another.

An Amazon customer said, “I am pleased with this cordless finish nail gun. I do not like to drag my compressor every time I do my work. That is why this battery-operated device has removed my concerns.”


  • Good performance
  • Easy to use
  • Include a battery indicator


  • Not intended to work with 16-gauge finish nails

5. CRAFTSMAN’s V20: Best Value 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

Best Value 16 Gauge Finish Nailer


Power sourceBattery

DIY enthusiasts and carpenters who do not prefer the loud noise of nailers can rely on the battery-operated device. You can do your nailing jobs efficiently with this one of the best 16 gauge cordless finish nailers. The user-friendly design ensures easy control of the nailing system. The kit includes the Li-ion battery, charger, and belt.


  • Performance

The V20 model performs best almost in any climatic condition. You can enjoy consistent firing and accomplish the nailing job within the shortest time. It is easy to load the stainless steel nails into your magazine and start the nail driving process.

You can rely on Craftsman V20 finish nail gun, especially for the smaller project. You can drive up to 375 nails with a single recharge. The best fact is that you may select other Craftsman batteries with this nailer. Have some additional batteries with you to avoid facing issues during your work hours.

  • Design

The intuitive design of the V20 cordless finish nailer is one of the noticeable aspects. You can set up the depth effortlessly without using any tool. Moreover, the jam clearing system ensures that the device will be free from obstacles. The technologically advanced design ensures comfort and optimal balance.

Amazon customer said, “I love this cordless finish nailer for the fast charging capacity, built-in safety lock, and reasonable price. The device is not noise and ensures smooth shooting.”


  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Good nailing capacity


  • Very small battery

6. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2742-20 M18: Best cordless angled finish nailer

Best cordless angled finish nailer


Power sourceBattery

Milwaukee is known for manufacturing high-quality cordless devices, and this Milwaukee cordless finish nailer has unparalleled driving capacity. Professional remodelers and carpenters can invest in this nailer. There is no need to use gas cartridges, hoses, and compressors.


  • Performance

The M18 FUEL 16ga angled finish nailer delivers the best performance and increases your productivity. Milwaukee has given high importance to efficiency and speed. The brushless motor has a compact design and works smoothly. However, the device also includes a ready-to-fire cylinder. The nailer can shoot 2 nails into the solid oak without any ramp-up time. The 18V nailer is integrated with a premium red lithium battery. That is why you will find good runtime and no mess.

Another noticeable technology is the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, which is the best available electronic system.

  • Design

The user-friendly nail gun needs minimal maintenance and no setup. Moreover, the nailer has a special design to prevent the battery from overheating and overloading. Like other nail guns, this device has 2 modes- Sequential and Contact Actuation. The bottom-load magazine makes it easy to load the nails. You will also find a nail quantity indicator, and thus, you may reload the magazine at the right time. The standard magazine of this device can hold 110 nails.

An Amazon customer said, “The device is a good time-saver. I like to use the nail gun every day.”


  • Tool-free jam release
  • LED light
  • Adjustable belt hook


  • Not for the trim work

7. Dewalt DCN650D1: Best 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer

Best 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer


Power sourceBattery

We have chosen another nail gun for the finished carpentry project. Dewalt has thoughtfully engineered the design of this 15 gauge cordless finish nailer at its best! You will not feel fatigued while operating this Dewalt cordless finish nailer for long hours.


  • Performance

The 15-gauge angled finish nail gun can drive nails of 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″. It is a perfect device for both trim work and nailing projects. The brushless motor of the 20V device also works flawlessly.

You have to choose between the super-fast contact actuation mode and sequential mode. The ramp-up time is almost negligible.

  • Design

The depth adjustment is easy, as it needs no tool. Moreover, the nailer includes a tool-free stall release system. You can access the lever present near the top section of the housing. Moreover, the front part is accessible while you have opened the nose.

Dewalt ensures that the nailer is ergonomic, and you can grip the handle comfortably. The cordless nailer ensures a balanced grip. That is why you can maintain accuracy in the nailing process.

An Amazon customer said, “The Dewalt DNC650 finish nailer is a good device with a compact design. I have easily reloaded the magazine. The nailhead depth is adjustable with a wheel.”


  • Quality battery
  • Ergonomic
  • Accurate nail placement 


  • Slightly heavy

Guide to buying the best cordless finish nailers

Battery-operated cordless finish nailers have become the most useful handheld power tools for carpenters and other professionals. It would be easy to drive nails into different materials like wood. The cordless nailers have a trigger-activated system in one of their hands, while another hand secures the materials to be nailed.

Before providing you with a buying guide, we have discussed how the cordless finish nailers work.

How does a cordless, battery-operated finish nailer work?

Modern cordless nailers are available with a range of advanced features. These battery-operated devices do not need power outlets. They have an electric motor to deliver the nail driving force behind the piston. It triggers the hammer to shoot the nail. However, you must recharge the batteries to continue using the device. Still, the best fact is that you do not need to deal with gas canisters and hoses.

The battery-operated nail guns are affordable, and you can get them easily into tighter spots. Click a button and operate your nailers.

Factors that are important for buying your cordless finish nail guns

  • Battery capacity

Cordless finish nailers are the right choice for those who need to carry the device to other places. There is no need to compromise the performance. A high-end battery with a 100% charge enables you to do the nailing job for hours.

  • Angled versus straight

The nail magazine’s shape can be of 2 types- The magazine of your straight finish nailer is parallel to your nailing surface. However, other finish nailers have a magazine angled from the nailer’s head. In the case of angled nail guns, you will get 2 options- 21 degrees and 35 degrees. The higher number indicates a sharper angle.

The finish nailer’s shape does not affect the way it delivers the nail. The angled position is advantageous, as you can fit the nail gun in tighter spaces. That is why several contractors prefer the angled finish nailers to the straight models. The steeper angle ensures a space-saving solution of the finish nailer.

Nevertheless, there is one demerit of the angled finish nailers. Nails used by them have a larger gauge and are costly. Models with a larger gauge are more efficient in securing two pieces of wood. But, it is not easy to keep the nail head hidden. The angled finish nailers also use costlier cartridges. The major functionalities of the straight and angled finish nailers have no difference.

You can choose the right model based on your needs. Refine your carpentry skills and make the best use of nailers. Straight nail guns are perfect for buyers with a tight budget.

  • Power

How much efficient is the finish nail gun? As cordless models are convenient models, they have different efficiency levels. The best battery-operated nail guns can drive 16-gauge nails into 2.5-inch software.

  • Gauge

You have to focus on your project needs to identify the right gauge of the finished nail guns. The standard gauge is between 15 and 23. The higher ones are intended for thinner nails, while the lower ones are perfect for thicker nails. DIY enthusiasts like to use 15 and 16-gauge nailers. A higher gauge is essential for some tasks.

Finish nailers with 16-gauge have a smaller and lightweight design. Therefore, the nail holding capacity of the 15-gauge nailer is better.

  • User-friendliness

Professionals always buy nailers as one of the nailing kits. But, it is important to purchase one which is easy to use and comfortable to grip. Choose the finish nail guns with the most ergonomic design.

  • Jamming and nail depth

The best finish nailers have an adjustable depth system. You can apply the desired amount of force for driving your nails into the wooden surface. In case of the low depth of your nail gun, the nail head can protrude out of the surface. On the contrary, high depth will cause the nail to be deeply embedded into the wooden piece


There may be a jamming issue when you have set a low depth. Lack of force can also result in a jam. Some finish nailers enable you to detach the head and remove the blocked nails.

  • Nail length

You have to identify your project type to decide on the nail length. Standard finish nailers can hold nails of varying lengths. However, trim nailers can drive nails of 1 to 2.5 inches. One of the major tricks is to buy a finish nail gun that is around 2.5 times thicker than your chosen wood pieces.

  • Type of magazine

The finish nailers are available in 2 types of magazines:

  1. Stick
  2. Coil

Projected over your nail gun, coil magazines use a ropey thread. They have the potential to accommodate more than 100 nails. That is why professionals like to use nail guns with coil magazines. On the contrary, stick magazines hold fewer nails at a time. Beginners and amateurs may rely on these magazines.

  • No-mar tip

It is another special feature intended to prevent friction between the wood piece and the barrel. Before buying your nail gun, you have to check this feature.

  • Actuation Mode

Reliable finish nailers always include this mode for users. You can activate it after pressing the contact tip and pulling the trigger. Some nail guns have a bump mode to push the nails after firing the trigger. You can choose the mode for your heavy-duty applications.

  • Lighting

A cordless finish nail gun, integrated with an LED light, is the perfect tool while working at dark sites like baseboards and cabinets. You may not need to rely on an additional source of light, and the LED does not create a shadow on the surface. In the presence of light, you can accomplish your nailing process accurately. Some models automatically illuminate the light when you turn on the system.

  • Jam Cleaning

Jam-free clearing technology is another important feature of the battery-operated finish nailer. You have occasionally misfired while using the device. It is not easy to remove the jammed nails. Thus, you need to keep the nails in place and ensure that the device is jam-free.

Some high-quality finish nailers provide you with a jam-free model. You do not need to use a special tool for this purpose. But, for other devices, you have to remove the jams and blockages on your own.

  • Weight of your cordless nailer

While buying the best finish nail guns, you have to check the weight. It is better to choose heavy-duty finish nailers for complicated tasks. But, some users claim that they are not easy to grip for a longer period. Thus, you can choose one which maintains a perfect balance of weight and power. Integrated with a battery, cordless nail guns can weigh 2 times higher than that of pneumatic nailers.

  • Types of trigger

In most cases, the best cordless finish nailers have 2 triggers- sequential mode and bump fire mode. To ensure a faster operation, you can choose the bump fire mode. However, you have to press in the gun where you like to drive your nails. There is a chance of losing track of the nail gun.

Sequential mode enables you to release nails before pressing the system back into its place. Although your need more effort to do it, you can avoid accidental shootings. Moreover, this sequential trigger ensures slower movement, and it takes some time between your shots. You can review your shot and fire again.

Bump firing refers to the way of keeping pressure on the trigger while moving the gun to multiple positions.

What Can You Do With A Cordless Air Nailer?

How do you use cordless nailers?

How to Use a Nail Gun

Modern cordless nail guns do not have a complicated design. With a battery as the power source, you can use them for home renovation projects. Turn on the device to drive your finishing nails on the walls, carpets, and furniture. Check out some steps for using your cordless finish nail guns.

Load nail strips into your nail guns. The cordless nail guns have a nail strip for storing your nails loaded into the device.

  1. Load the strip into the gun’s magazine found underside. However, in some models, you can find it in other parts. It is better to read the product manual to locate the magazine easily.
  2. Load the gun carefully and start operating it. Collect the objects to be nailed together and put on safety gear. Safety goggles will save your eyes from debris and nails. A sturdy safety helmet and working gloves also give you protection.
  3. Before applying the nails to the desired spot, you can take some trial shots. You will identify the correct height and angle at which you will hold the nail gun.

You can refine your shooting skills by choosing surfaces of different materials. For instance, you can use some scrap wood pieces before securing your baseboards with nails.

As baseboards have a wooded structure, you will learn how to shoot nails and apply the right pressure. Before driving nails with the nailer, you have to firmly grip the device. Make sure that you have positioned the gun properly on the ground. It will help in releasing the air pressure inside your gun.

Aim the nail gun correctly and pull the trigger with a finger. While the nails leave the nailer, you will feel a bit of pushback. It will launch your nails successfully.

After launching the nails, you can remove the gun’s tip from the surface and ensure the right positioning of the nails. Turn off the gun when it is not in use.

How to maintain your cordless finish nail guns?

Some nail gun owners claim that their devices have not lasted long. It is not because they have chosen a low-quality nailer. The major reason is the lack of maintenance of the nail gun.

As you use the nailer regularly, you have to maintain it. Proper maintenance of your cordless nail gun will make the device last for years.

  • Lubricate your nail gun

One of the major responsibilities is to ensure the smooth functioning of the nailer. Lack of grease cause friction between the moving parts. It will also lower the efficiency level. Ultimately, the friction will cause decay and reduce the longevity of your nailer. That is why you must lubricate the device regularly before using it. Some nailer brands say that it is good to apply 2 to 3 drops of oil before operating the device. However, you must focus on the type of nailer before maintaining it. Generally, battery-operated nail guns do not need oil for maintenance. You may read the manual to make your decision.

  • Avoid cold weather and moisture.

Moisture is the biggest rival of metal, and thus, you must not place your nailer at any moist site. It can result in rusting to the internal components. The lifespan of the device will get reduced.

For this reason, your nails must not be left in the magazine for several hours.

Every time you deal with your nailer, you have to drag the nails from the magazine. Moreover, moisture will block the air passage of any air-driven tool. But, it will not be a problem in the case of battery-operated nailers.

  • Maintaining the battery of the nail gun.

The battery is the major source of the power of your cordless nailer. However, battery power starts degrading slowly, and thus, you must check the battery expiry date while buying it. The old battery will harm your nail gun and cause risks to users.

Make sure that you have stored the battery in a dry and cool place. While the nailer is not in use, you have to detach the battery from the device.

Some more tips for maintenance-

  • While driving nails, you must not try out dry firing. Dry fire generates recoil, which is damaging to your nailer.
  • Use a soft cloth for cleaning your nail gun, as the dirt from nailing clogs the internal components.
  • The nailers’ screw may get lost due to the vibration caused by nailing. Thus, you can look for the loosened bolts and screws of the nail gun. Tighten them after every few days.


Are the finish nailers effective for framing projects?

You cannot use your finish nail guns as your framing nailer. They cannot deal with larger nails. Although you have bought the latest models, they can shoot 15-gauge nails with a length of up to 2.5 inches. However, you need 16D nails (3.5 inches in length) for your framing needs.

How are the finish nailers different from brad nailers?

Brad nailers are useful for installing trim pieces, whereas the finish nailers are perfect for installing base moldings.

Are cordless nailers better the corded ones?

Although cordless finish nailers are slightly costlier than corded models, they are highly portable. However, you have to maintain them to keep up the functional value. You may replace your dead battery and resume your project with the nailer. You will find cordless nailers heavier. But, the major reason behind it is the larger battery.

When do I need to use finish nailers and framing nailers?

For heavy crown molding and some other projects, you have to use finish nailers. To deal with these projects, your nail gun needs a higher holding capacity. Choose the right type of nailer for this purpose.

On the contrary, framing nail guns are essential for professionals who build structures and walls.

Are 16-gauge nail guns versatile?

These nailers can drive thinner nails with a smaller head. Some devices can shoot nails with a length of 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ inches. Most importantly, they have a high holding capacity and are perfect for general use.

Professional carpenters use these for different applications like crown molding, interior trim, and baseboard.

When do I need to use 15-gauge nailers?

15-gauge nailers have the potential to shoot nails with a length of around 1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″. These devices have substantial nail holding power capacity because of the heavier head. Moreover, they have outer and interior casing while nailing into studs. You may choose these nailers to install baseboards and pre-hung doors.

You can find these nail guns in both cordless and pneumatic configurations.

What are 23-gauge pinners?

 They are cordless guns intended for attaching thin moldings and some other components to wood. Most of these devices shoot small-headed pins and headless pins. You can also use them for installing beads.

The best fact is that these guns will not split the piece of wood. They do not create a big hole, and thus, minimal filing is needed.

What size finish nails for baseboard?

A higher gauge indicates that the nail gun needs thinner nails. The standard finish nail guns are a 15-16 gauge model. However, to deal with delicate moldings, it is essential to use 18-23 gauge nailers with shorter nails. In the case of 15-gauge nailers, you can use nails of up to 2.5 inches. However, for 16-gauge models, it is not more than 2 inches.


You can now read the genuine review of the best cordless finish nailers. We have picked the cordless nail guns of different devices. You can check the details before making the purchase.

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