5 Best Cordless Drill Under 100: Cheap but Effective!

Do you need to repair a wobbly door? Hang a shelf from the wall? You like to deal with several other DIY projects. However, without a drilling machine, you cannot accomplish your task. Nowadays, professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts like to invest in a cordless drill. Although cordless drills are preferable, you always like to stick to your budget. The good news is that budget-friendly cordless drills are available for you. We have picked the best cordless drill under 100 dollars.

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5 Best Cordless Drills Under 100

We have thoroughly checked different user reviews to learn about the run time, speed, and power of every drill. Our reviewers have picked the most models that have not compromised the quality.

  1. CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Drill- CMCD700C1– Best Heavy-Duty Cordless Drill
  2. BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100- Best Compact Cordless Drill
  3. PORTER-CABLE 20V PCCK600LB- Cordless Drill with Additional Features
  4. Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02 –Best Cordless Drills for Professionals
  5. DEWALT 20V MAX DCD771C2– Best Cordless Drill for Home Repair Projects

1. CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Drill: CMCD700C1- Best Heavy-Duty Budget-Friendly Cordless Drill

Best Heavy-Duty Budget-Friendly Cordless Drill


Power sourceBattery operated
Speed0-400 and 0-1500 RPM

Carpenters and several other contractors have chosen this beautifully crafted drill. It has no flimsy design, and you can find no risk of damage to the overall structure.


  • Performance

The 1/2 inch cordless drill generates 280W of electricity. The V20 cordless drill is equipped with a powerful motor. Moreover, the brushless motor ensures a faster speed. The device enables you to drill walls and hardwood for different purposes.

The standard cordless drill has less runtime. But, Craftsmen CMCD700C1 ensures a higher runtime due to the high-quality lithium batteries and innovative motors. The battery does not take much time to get charged. While comparing with other devices, we have found that the runtime of CMCD700C1 is much higher.

  • Design

Although the cordless drill CMCD700C1 is a sturdy model, it is small and lightweight. As a beginner, you can easily manage it. Moreover, you may work on the narrow and tight spaces using this drill. It takes a few seconds to adjust the bits without a hassle.

 Another noticeable feature of the device is that it has LED lights. Turn on the light while working in dark and low-light places. The cordless drill is also compatible with the Versatrack hang hook.

An Amazon customer said, “It is truly a nice drill. However, there is no adapter available with it.”


  • Controllable with one hand
  • Consume minimal power
  • Easy to use
  • A powerful motor


  • No complaints
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2. BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100: Best Compact Cordless Drill



Power sourceBattery operated
Speed750 RPM

Black and Decker is known for manufacturing high-end cordless drills integrated with modern features. As one of the top-performing cordless drills, this product has a portable and compact design.


  • Performance

Cordless drills typically have Lithium-Ion batteries, and it is easy to carry the device with you anywhere. You will also find these batteries in Black & Decker LDX120PK. The 20V Li-ion battery can hold the charge for a long period. The operating speed can range from 0 to 750 RPM. Although it is not a high speed, you can find the power to accomplish different tasks.

The high-performance motor delivers 330 Unit Watts out and the torque is about 115 inches per pound, and the drill is best for screwing and other light applications.

  • Design

The overall design of the cordless drill is reliable. The model integrates 3/8-inches keyless chuck enabling you to alter the bits easily. You can use the tool for drilling plywood, plastic, metal, and wood.

While operating a standard power drill, you can find 2 issues- stripped screws and screws overdriven into the surface. The problem turns up when you need to deal with wooden surfaces. However, you will not face the issue with this cordless drill, as it has 24-position clutch settings to prevent overdriving and stripping problems. You can control the battery-operated drill better.

Black & Decker has provided you with a 100-piece kit, which includes sockets, screwdriver, nut drivers, bits, gauge, and storage case. You can continue your drilling project efficiently by investing in this kit.

An Amazon customer said, “I use the cordless drill several times a week. Till now, I have faced no issue with it. However, the storage container is slightly oversized.”


  • Include several accessories
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • 2 Speed gear box (0-400/0-1,600) 


  • Takes time to be charged

3. PORTER-CABLE 20V PCCK600LB: Lightweight and Powerful Drill



Power sourceBattery operated
Speed0-400/0 and 1,600 RPM

PCCK600LB is one of the best cordless drills under 100. The feature-rich device has drawn the attention of several carpenters. It includes 2 batteries for operation, and you can charge them fast.


  • Performance

Integrated with a 20V battery, the drill has a high potential to drive your screws efficiently. The speed can be up to 1,600 RPM. The turning force of the system is not much high. Still, one of the major features is that the device includes 22 clutch settings.

To ensure the best performance, you can choose to adjust the speed level to drill holes. The low setting can be up to 400RPM, while the high setting is best for drilling holes. Thus, you can choose the right setting based on your needs.

  • Design

The cordless drill is available with lightweight batteries that take 40 minutes to get charged. However, one of the issues is that the batteries may lose their energy within a short time.

The keyless chuck is another interesting feature of the drill. You can apply a manual technique to fasten bits. There is no need to be concerned about losing the chuck key.

The front part of the drill includes a bright LED. Thus, you will have no problem in low-light settings. There is also a belt loop to keep attachments and bits and attachments. However, the tool does not have a magnetic tool holder.

An Amazon customer said, “What I have found advantageous is the chuck. I have tightened it to prevent the bits from getting slipped. The price of the drills was also reasonable.”


  • High-quality lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery indicator
  • Dual speed


  • Loose chuck

4. Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02: Best Cordless Drills for Professionals



Power sourceBattery operated
Speed1300 RPM

The Bosch DDB181-02 is perfect for novices, as it has no complicated features. HVAC repairers, electricians, and several other professionals like to invest in this device. You can accomplish your drilling project while keeping the accuracy intact.


  • Performance

The Bosch DDB181-02 model runs its system with the integrated 18V Li-ion battery. With 1.5Ah batteries, the drilling system has a slimmer design. They take 50 to 60 minutes to get charged. The kit also includes a soft case and a charger. According to the manufacturers’ claims, the batteries retain the charge for 18 months while left unused. You can work uninterruptedly for 3 to 5 hours without recharging the battery.

Like other models, this cordless drill is available with adjustable speed settings and a safety lock-off feature. The low-speed settings can range from 0 to 400RPM, while the high-speed option is between 0 and 1300 RPM. Moreover, the drill can deliver a torque of up to 350-in.lbs. While drilling and driving in wood, plastic, and metal, you can rely on DDB181-02.

  • Design

To talk about the design, we need to say that Bosch DDB181-02 is a lightweight device with an ergonomic grip. It is a compact model causing no hand fatigue when you work for long hours. The drill also gets into the tight space due to its slimmer design. DDB181-02 is enclosed in durable housing to prevent vibrations. Moreover, this Durashield housing protects the drill from potential damages.

Bosch has paid attention to every detail, as it has added Electronic Cell Protection to make the battery last longer. Like other cordless drills, this device has a built-in LED light.

Bosch has truly designed the cordless drill for light-duty fastenings. The diameter of the keyless chuck is about ½ an inch. The chuck can accommodate drill bits with shank sizes, ranging from 1/16 to 3/8. There are also more than 20 clutch settings with a motor brake.

An Amazon customer said, “I have already used the drill for almost a year. My hubby also loves this drill. He uses it for DIY projects. I think that it is one of the best drills below 100”.


  • No overloading and overheating risks
  • Lightweight
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Include LED 


  • Slow battery charge

5. DEWALT 20V MAX DCD771C2: Best Cordless Drill for Home Repair Projects

Best Cordless Drill for Home Repair Projects


Power sourceBattery operated
Speed1500 RPM

DIY enthusiasts always like to have a set of tools for small home repair needs. They can buy this affordable cordless drill from Dewalt. To access the small and hard-to-reach sites, you can use this cordless drill. Due to the limited weight and compact size, beginners can manage the drill efficiently.


  • Performance

The DeWalt DCD771C2 cordless drill ensures the smooth performance of the integrated carbon-free motor. The battery life is more than 55% longer. There is a speed setting feature to operate the machine with high efficiency.

The latest DeWalt technology has made the battery more advanced. The robustly designed battery works faster. The charger included in the package works with 120V household electrical power. Torque is adjustable up to ‎530 Inch Pounds, while the speed level can reach ‎1500 RPM.

The high-performance motor of the drill has the potential to deliver 300 UWO, and it is useful for several purposes.

  • Design

The metal construction has made the drill sturdy. The built-in LED enables you to do your work in dark sites without compromising reliability and accuracy. However, some users have complained that the light casts shadows on the adjacent sites.

An Amazon user said, “Although the drill is noticeably different, I have felt comfortable to use it. My old drills have burnt up my drill bits. However, you have not found this issue with DCD771C2.”


  • Ergonomic design
  • More runtime
  • Lightweight model


  • The set includes no bit.

Guide to buying the best cordless drill under 100 dollars

We have provided you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the best cordless drills under $100. Before buying a product, you must know that these drills are of different types.

What are the different types of cordless drills?

We can categorize battery-operated cordless drills in 3 ways:

  • Light-duty drills

Light-duty models are perfect for those dealing with small drilling projects for personal purposes. For instance, you can use them for drilling them into your drywall. Standard batteries used for these drills can range from 12V to 20V. However, as these drills have small motors, they do not generate much force. They also have a ¼-inch socket that works with ¼-inch hex bits.

  • Heavy-duty drills

Heavy-duty devices have robust batteries of 18 to 24 Volts. They have the potential power to drill into thick boards and drive larger fasteners. Moreover, they accept almost any drill bit with ½-inch chucks. You can use them for drilling into concrete blocks and bricks. However, you need a slightly high budget to buy these drills. That is why the cordless drills under 100 are mostly light-duty models.

  • General-use drills

These drills are equipped with ⅜-inch chucks and have a 12-volt battery. They are more powerful and efficient in boring holes in the wooden surface. A single charge enables you to drive lots of screws.

Factors that are important for buying cordless drills

  • Clutch

One of the major features of a cordless drill is a clutch. You can locate it on the rear side of the chuck. The function of the clutch is to keep the driveshaft disengaged while your drill receives a high resistance to bore a hole. Using the clutch, you will find control over your drill. You may choose between the high and low-level settings of the clutch.

How many clutch settings does your drill have? There must be at least 24 settings in the drills, and you must fine-tune them properly to ensure the best result. You can choose the lowest setting to deal with smaller screws. The higher settings are intended for larger screws.

  • Chuck

While checking the upper part of your cordless drill, you will notice the chuck. The major function of the chuck is to retain the bits. You can tighten and loosen the chuck. The tightened chuck enables the drill to have more grip in holes. However, modern drills are integrated with keyless chucks that need no loosening and tightening effort.

The quality of your drill can make a difference in the output. While using a low-quality drill in your chuck, there is a risk of damage to the machine.

We have found that the keyless chuck has a time-saving, advanced design.

  • Batteries

Most commonly, you can find lithium-ion batteries with cordless drills. Some companies include both the battery and charger in the package. Other available options are nickel-metal-hydride and nickel-cadmium.

But, Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are available with the latest technology. They last longer than NiCAD cells.

Bosch, DeWALT, and other brands provide you with NiMH batteries for cordless drills.

However, make sure that you are using high-quality chargers. Interestingly, slow chargers are best for increasing the longevity of your battery. On the contrary, the quick charge charger can result in the risk of battery damages.

To maintain your battery life, you have to discharge it 100%. The advanced chargers have a smart design due to their integrated temperature sensors.

  • Speed of drilling

The low-priced drills do not provide you with the speed-setting option. However, you may find affordable drills with 2 speeds- 300 and 800 RPM.

The built-in slide switch helps in choosing the low and high-speed rates. The innovative drills are perfect for light-duty applications. Choose the high speed to drill holes and the low speed to drive screws. The best drills are available with a speed of higher than 1000 RPM.

  • Power

You need to check the battery voltage to measure the power of your cordless drill. Higher voltage indicates higher strength for spinning torque to control resistance. Nowadays, cordless devices are available 18V, although some other models have 6 to 14.4V. Drills with a higher voltage can bore bigger holes in the flooring board. While an 18V drill weighs around 10 lbs, a 9.6V model weighs about 3 1/2 lbs.

  • Handles

Drills are available with a T-handle and pistol grip. The more comfortable one is the T-handle useful for driving screws and drilling projects. Before the emergence of cordless drills, there were mostly pistol grips with the handle behind the motor. However, nowadays, several cordless devices have a T-handle.

The base of the handle prevents hand slippage problems, and it can hold the battery. As the battery bears the weight of the motor, this T-handle maintains balance in heavier models.

Drills with T-handle also get into narrower and tighter spaces. But, in your heavy-duty drilling project, the pistol grip is effective in applying pressure. Thus, you can check the handle design while buying the cordless drill.

  • Torque

Torque is another unit of measuring the drill power, and you can calculate it inches. When you need the cordless tool to deal with woodworking and masonry tasks, you have to check the torque to do the project successfully. Small tools with less power are perfect for smaller tasks like woodworking. On the contrary, heavy-duty ones are available with a torque of more than 450 inches per pound.


Can I use lithium-ion batteries of any brand?

You can operate your drills with almost any Li-ion battery. But, it is better to stick to the brand of your drill. In some cases, you may find a difference in the battery design, and thus, it may not be compatible with your device.

Can I use the battery-operated device to drill through concrete?

You cannot work on concrete with every drill. You can look for cordless hammer drills for this purpose. Still, it is good to go through the manufacturer’s instructions to know how it is effective in drilling through concrete.

What is the standard voltage of a battery-operated drill?

12V drills are most effective for DIY tasks and other small chores in your household. There is a 3/8-inch chuck with these drills. You may also choose models with 18 to 20 volts for complicated remodeling and deck building projects. These drills include a chuck of 1/2-inch. However, professional contractors can rely on drills of 28 volts best for concrete drilling.

How many watts is a cordless drill?

Average cordless drill charges with a 25 to 100 watts battery. And corded drills are normally consumed 800 to 1200 watts to operate correctly.

How will I keep my cordless battery drill long-lasting?

  • Charge the cordless drill batteries as soon as the power drops. It is good to recharge a battery when the energy level has reached 70%. Drain your NiCd batteries every month. Some chargers are available with an indicator.
  • Store your battery in a dry place. But, do not put it into your freezer.
  • Use your battery carefully to prevent cracks and damages.
  • Do not adjust your cordless tool settings. The higher torque level results in depletion of the drill battery very fast. Use the right torque level to make your battery long-lasting.

How will I lock my drill bit?

  • Place the bit in your drill chuck
  • Tighten the chuck with one of your hands
  • Restore the original position of the chuck until you have heard a click.
  • The drill bit is secured firmly into position after you feel another click.

What are the common applications of cordless drills?

Screwdriver replacement– One of the top uses of cordless drills is assembling and attaching. Use a screw bit for positioning a screw on the bit’s end. You can flip a switch to rotate the system counterclockwise.

Pilot holes– While inserting screws into your wooden surface, a cordless drill enables you to bore a pilot hole.

Drywall installation– Professionals carry their cordless drills to install drywall. Use your hand to brace the panel and grab your cordless drill.

There are several other ways of using the cordless drill for your everyday needs.


Do you now think of buying the best cordless drill under 100? You can rely on our authentic review and pick the right product. We have carefully analyzed every detail of the cordless drills from the most popular brands. Based on your project needs, you may decide on the most valuable product.

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