[UPDATED Review] 6 Best Budget Impact Wrench

Are you involved in auto repair and other DIY projects? Looking for the best budget cordless impact wrench for automotive projects? What are impact wrenches used for? Well, You may need to tighten and loosen the lug nuts and bolts. It also does a good job for rusted fasteners. These tiring jobs can become easy by using an impact wrench. This specially designed handheld tool delivers a high amount of torque to ensure a hammer-like impact.

Although the bolts are rusted and oversized, the powerful tools will save you effort. But, you may not like to invest a high amount in impact wrenches. Thus, which is the best budget impact wrench for your needs? We have picked the most popular models available at a reasonable rate.

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What are the different types of impact wrenches?

We can classify impact wrenches based on the power source needed for operation. Compressed air and electricity are the most common power sources for impact guns. There are primarily 3 different impact wrenches:

  • Air or Pneumatic impact wrenches
  • Corded electric wrenches
  • Cordless impact wrenches

Corded, electrically operated impact wrenches

The electric models can be plugged into your electricity socket. The backside of the device has an electric motor to run the hammer and transfer motion to the shaft. Better torque control and speed are the pros of the electric device. However, there is a risk of overheating, and the electric models are slightly costlier.

Cordless Impact Wrench

A battery-operated impact wrench is a portable device. You may also put it into your car’s trunk to replace the tires at any time. The cordless system also works properly in tight spaces. Some professionals do not like to deal with air pipes and cords, and thus, they can choose cordless models.

However, batteries in the rechargeable cordless impact wrench may lose their energy within a short period. Moreover, although the design is compact, batteries add weight to the model. You can invest in an additional Li-ion battery to avoid any interference with your operations.

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

They are air-powered, compressed impact wrenches, which are used in different automobile manufacturing shops and equipment repair shops. The pneumatic impact wrench has an engineering design, and it is available at a reasonable cost.

As it has no electronic parts, it reduces the risk of malfunctioning. One of the advantageous aspects is that the air-operated impact wrench has no risk of heating. The heat produced by the rotating components of the tool becomes cool due to the circulating air. That is why air impact wrenches are the right choice for your time-consuming projects.

The airflow ensures the overheating protection of pneumatic air impact wrenches, which are highly durable. These devices are easily repairable and need minimal maintenance.

However, one negative side is that they constantly need compressed air for their operation. Auto body shops have larger air compressor models to serve this purpose. But, DIY lovers prefer portable compressors for heavier jobs. Moreover, you may feel distressed, as you have to wait for a few minutes to let the air reach the proper level of pressure.

Best Budget Cordless Impact Wrenches: Find our picks

We have carefully chosen the top-rated impact wrenches of different brands. Most of them are available at a cost-effective rate.

  • Makita XWT15Z- Best Brushless Impact Wrench
  • AIRCAT 1150- Best budget Composite Impact Wrench
  • Hammerhead HDIW075- Best budget electric impact wrench
  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench- Best impact wrench for lug nuts
  • Bosch Bare-Tool IWHT180B- Best high torque impact wrench
  • Ridgid R86011B OCTANE Impact Wrench- Best mid-torque Impact Wrench

Best Budget Impact Wrench Reviews

1. Makita XWT15Z- Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive

Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive


Torque240 Foot Pounds

Makita has designed this impact wrench with variable speed and high efficiency. The self-operating mechanism has made it easy for users to run the device. The brushless model is an entry-level impact wrench available at a reasonable price.


  • Performance

Makita has offered one of the fastest-performing machines operated with a battery. The brushless motor can deliver a torque of about 240 ft. lbs. You can increase the speed to 3400 RPM for heavy applications. The IMP of 3600 IMP has also added functional value to the device. You will save time, as there is no need to balance screws. There are also 4-speed settings switches integrated with the device.

Due to the auto-stop modes, the device delivers high efficiency. The inclusion of 3 reverse modes and 3 forward modes has made the tool unique. There is also a full-speed mode mostly useful for professionals.

  • User-friendliness

Manufacturers have not compromised ergonomics while designing the machine. The rubberized handle prevents slipping problems, and you can firmly grip the device. By minimizing vibrations, the device reduces the risk of feeling fatigued.

  • Design and durability

The overall design is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere without much effort. The size is around 5-5/8″, and that is why you will find the machine highly comfortable. The electronically controlled motor has a special Protection Technology to resist water and dust in harsh conditions.

“I have worked with lugs of about 22mm, and the wrench has efficiently removed them. I have also carried it to different places, as it is lightweight.”


  • Better fastening control
  • Faster-charging battery
  • Dust-resistant internal components


Need more torque

2. AIRCAT 1150: Best Budget Composite Impact Wrench

Best Budget Composite Impact Wrench


MaterialComposite and Metal
Torque 900 ft-lbs

AIRCAT has released a series of high-quality pneumatic tools, and we have selected the right one of them. Users have found no flaws in the design and performance of the composite torque wrench. Using the rotational force, you can loosen and tighten the bolts and nuts.


  • Performance

Some wrenches seem to be good at the beginning. However, with regular use, they lose their efficiency very fast. You will not find this problem with Aircat 1150. This device ensures an impact of 1/2 inches, and very few models have this standard. The loosening torque can be about 1295 pounds per foot, and the torque can reach up to 900 pounds per foot. You can take the stubborn bolts out of their place.

Moreover, the rotor plays an important role in ensuring the best torque function. Aircat has offered a larger-sized rotor, which provides more power and force to the machine. Another attribute of the high-performance machine is that you can increase the speed to 9000 RPM.

  • User-friendliness

The integrated hammer setting makes your task easier. While using ordinary wrenches, you face issues with the stuck bolts. But, the innovative twin hammer mechanism of the device solves the problem. The hammer is capable of delivering almost 1400 blows per minute. The best fact is that the device takes minimal energy to accomplish a task. Thus, you will save the electricity cost.

  • Durability

The overall construction of the pneumatic impact wrench is rugged and lightweight. The composite case is lightweight, and the model has a highly ergonomic design. Furthermore, the impact wrench does not cause annoying noise due to the patented technology.

An Amazon customer said, “It is not easy to remove the bolts of my Toyota car. The device does not take much space in my worksite. I have used a regular air hose for this impact wrench.”


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to manage torque settings
  • Quiet mechanism
  • Multiple speed settings


  • Problems with vibration

3. Hammerhead HDIW075: Best Budget Electric Impact Wrench

Best Budget Electric Impact Wrench


Torque 240 Foot Pounds

Hammerhead has designed one of the technologically advanced impact wrenches for your heavy-duty applications. To maintain any industry-standard equipment and repair automobiles, you can rely on this impact wrench.


  • Performance

As HDIW075 is a corded model, you must use a 120V outlet to operate it. There is no need to recharge any battery. The integrated 7.5A engine takes the performance to a different level. The no-load speed may be up to 2700 IPM and 2200 RPM. So, you can also use the wrench for medium-duty and light-duty tasks.

  • User-friendliness

The compact and lightweight impact wrench is highly portable, and you can carry it anywhere with your toolkit. You can comfortably use the electric wrench without feeling fatigued. To make the device ergonomic, manufacturers have designed a non-slip grip. Although your hands are sweaty, you can hold the device properly.

The reverse and forward rocker switches are easily accessible to your fingers. You have to flip the toggle switch to alter the wrench’s directions.

  • Design

Made of premium metal, the impact wrench has a sturdy design. The electric wrench works with a 120V cord plug. However, as it is a corded model, you will find limited mobility. The dimension of the chuck is about 1/2-inches, and thus, you may deal with different bits. There is also a square anvil for swapping the sockets easily. Automotive repairers have found the model useful, as the system works in both forward and reverse directions.

An Amazon customer said, “I have chosen this lowest-priced impact range. Although I was concerned about the performance, it has removed my doubts. However, there is no storage case available with it.”


  • Contemporary design
  • ½ inch hog anvil
  • Good speed
  • Easy to grasp


  • May lock up rusted nuts

4. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench: Best Budget Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts

Best Budget Impact Wrench for Lug Nuts


Torque  700 ft-lbs

Dewalt is known for designing high-quality electronic tools for mechanics. The ½-inch impact wrench lets you replace the lug nuts without much effort.


  • Performance

The brushless model ensures superior performance, and there is no risk of overheating. As the torque can reach up to 700 feet per pound, you can find a heavy-duty impact mechanism. Moreover, the breakaway torque can be up to 1200 feet/lbs. Another interesting feature of the device is the 3-speed selector, which enables you to manage the power output. The RPM can be increased to 1900 RPM to unscrew your rusty bolts. As the DEWALT DCF899B model has a brushless motor, it works for a longer period.

  • User-friendliness

You do not need to be technically savvy to use the cordless impact wrench. The LED work light is one of the best features added to the device. You can also easily adjust the speed rates.

  • Design

The device is strong and durable to work almost on any surface like aluminum, plastic, steel, and wood. The highly resilient model has long-lasting internal components to deliver a high amount of power. Furthermore, the 1/2-inch anvil is available with a hog ring and a detent pin.

An user says: I have replaced my old pneumatic model with the innovative cordless device from Dewalt. I think that DCF899B is the best budget impact wrench for changing tires and anchor bolts. As I love DIY projects, I like to use the device regularly.


  • Brushless Motor
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Include LED light
  • Battery fuel gauge


  • Slightly heavier

5. Bosch Bare-Tool IWHT180B: Best High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

Best High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring


Torque  500 ft-lbs

As the best budget cordless impact wrench for automotive repair projects, Bosch Bare IWHT180B has drawn attention. The cordless model can be easily carried anywhere. Although the device does not need electricity, it works efficiently.


  • Performance

It is not easy to deal with old and rusty bolts with a regular impact wrench. That is why you can use Bosch’s product as the best alternative. The torque can reach up to 500 lbs, and it enables you to loosen the rusty bolts easily. You do not need to make multiple attempts while fastening and loosening your bolts.

One of the major components of the tool is the motor, which works with 2100 IPM and 1900 RPM. These features have added potential to the impact wrench.

  • User-friendliness

Bosch Bare IWHT180B is available with an intuitive and compact design. The tool’s nose is narrow, and the overall dimension is about 10 inches. Moreover, as the device is not bulky, your shoulders, backside, and arms will not feel tired. The soft-grip handle is also ergonomic, and you can comfortably hold it. Due to the flat design of the anvil, you can easily replace sockets.

The lack of light in your room will not be a problem because of the integrated LED lights.

  • Design

The Germany-based brand, Bosch, has created a high-quality design for its impact wrench. You can easily install the wrench at any tight place. Bosch’s model includes 18V lithium-ion batteries. The best fact is that Bosch has integrated a battery cooling mechanism. While you are operating the device for long hours, the battery becomes hot. That’s why manufacturers have considerately added the special cooling system.

“As one of the hobbyist mechanics, I have bought the cordless impact wrench from Bosch. The device has made it easier for me to deal with suspension and chassis bolts. I think that it is also the best choice for working with large bolts.”


  • LED light
  • Spring-loaded hammer
  • Thin nose piece


  • Takes time to spin a driver

6. Ridgid R86011B OCTANE Impact Wrench: Best Mid-Torque Impact Wrench

Best Mid-Torque Impact Wrench


Torque  450 ft-lbs

You can replace your old and outdated pneumatic wrench with this battery-operated device. This cheap cordless impact wrench is a good fit for dealing with nuts and bolts of any size. Professionals in the automotive sector may also invest in this product.


  • Performance

Ridgid R86011B Bare Tool performs best when you need to tighten and loosen the bolts of your vehicles. The torque can reach up to 450 ft/lbs., and it is effective for loosening the lug nuts of passenger cars and medium-duty trucks.

  • User-friendliness

The Ridgid R86011B impact wrench has an intuitive design due to the presence of different modes and the speed selector switch. The torque for Mode 1 ranges from 80 to 83 foot-pounds. Mode 2 is for 170 to 175 foot-pounds, while Mode 3 is about 300 foot-pounds. The Auto Mode does not go beyond 40-foot pounds.

Thus, the Auto Mode is the right choice for fastening up the bolt when the device starts giving an impact. The foot-pounds delivered by Ridgid’s tool will vary with several factors like the type of bolts and nuts and their materials. Moreover, this special mode is safe for your sensitive applications.

  • Design and durability

The new-generation battery-operated impact wrench has a compact body made of plastic. Still, it is sturdy and is not bigger than a 1/4 in. There is a padded Hex Grip to ensure comfortable, and you can hold the tool securely. It will also protect your hands from vibrations. Another interesting feature is the bright LED on the body, and it gets illuminated when you hit the grip switch. You can choose Ridgid R86011B as the best budget impact wrench below 200.

An Amazon customer said, “I have used the tool for the first time, and it is best for mid-range torque. The best fact is that it is stronger than other similar devices”.


  • Multiple modes
  • Comfortable grip
  • LED lights


  • Need more torque

Guide to buying the Best Impact Wrench

An impact wrench, also known as the socket wrench, helps in minimizing the effort you need to twist off the bolts and nuts. In most cases, hand-powered conventional wrenches are not efficient, and thus, an impact wrench can be the right alternative. While choosing the best impact wrench, you have to focus on some factors-


A 1/2” impact wrench has a torque of about 400 to 1000 feet per pound. But, you will find torque ratings of different types:

  • Forward torque – The highest torque to tighten a component
  • Reverse torque – The highest torque for loosening a component
  • Nuts-busting torque – The reverse torque has a peak value known as the nuts-busting torque.

Drive Size

The size of the drive can range from 1/4th to ½ inch. However, how will you choose the right one? When buying cordless impact wrenches for automotive repair purposes, the dimension of the drive affects the amount of torque received. Cordless modes have a special control to adjust the power. It will also enable to alteration of the torque rate. The higher drive size will increase the torque level. You may choose a model with a ½” drive to replace your car tires.

Higher Revolution Per Minute and Impacts Per Minute

RPM is the unit for measuring the fast performance of the wrench. To buy cordless, electric, and pneumatic impact drivers, you need to know the IPM. Moreover, the IPM can range from 2000 to 3000. The number also reveals the number of times the anvil is struck by the hammer in a minute. The higher RPM and IPM indicate that you will receive more power.

Materials used for impact wrenches

Metal wrenches have a robust design that has no risk of damage. However, you will find them heavy. The best ones are made of composite tools, which are lighter though not durable. In recent years, manufacturers have made the advancement of materials chosen for designing the wrenches. Thus, composite materials now have mechanical resistance and high strength.

Battery quality and type

Cordless impact wrenches are battery-operated devices for smooth performance, and most of them need lithium-ion batteries to run. Make sure that your chosen model does not take much time for faster charging. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries are better than nickel-cadmium ones.

The innovatively designed cordless impact wrenches reduce clutter, and they are highly versatile devices.

Drill voltage

Voltage is one of the units for measuring cordless drill power. The high voltage indicates there is additional power. While dealing with small household tasks, a 12V cordless impact wrench is a perfect choice. However, to work on your car tires, you need an 18V model.

Heavy-duty versions need voltage ranging from 24V to 36V. Mostly, construction workers like to use them.


How long will you use the tool? Does your worksite have limited space? Do you desire mobility while using the tool? You have to find answers to these questions to decide on the weight of an impact wrench.

The best impact wrench is also easy to grip, as it has an ergonomic design. One major issue is that some impact wrenches use compressed air as the power source. Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts must know that they need an air hose to use these models.

As operators have to hold the tool at an odd angle, it takes endurance and strength to maintain the position of the heavy drill.

A lightweight tool is useful for removing bolts and nuts. You will not need the effort to move the device to different places.

Noise generated by the device

Some professionals claim that you must wear hearing protection while using power tools like impact wrenches. But, noise may disturb your neighbors and other workers. That is why you have to check the noise level generated by the device. Reliable manufacturers try to use the best technology to reduce noise.

Pressure level

A pneumatic impact wrench needs a pressure of about 90 PSI. To let the tool achieve the highest speed and torque, the PSI of your air compressor must be over 100. However, you can lower the loss of pressure by reducing the length of your hose. The longer hose will decrease the PSI level. Another trick is to avoid using the undersized hose.

Socket size and shape

While analyzing the shape and design of the impact wrench, you can categorize it into 2 ways- Pistol and inline. The inline wrench looks like a big screwdriver with an anvil and hammer at the front side of the grip. On the contrary, the anvil and hammer of the pistol wrench are present above the grip.

Impact wrenches are available with different socket sizes. The size of smaller sockets is less than an inch.


What are common mistakes of impact-wrench users?

Beginners have a chance of making some mistakes while using the impact wrenches.

Problems with over-tightening
Novice and untrained users over-tighten some components of the device. To avoid this issue, they can use the impact wrench to loosen the fittings. A torque wrench is best for them to tighten the fastener.

Mismatched sockets
Ordinary sockets may not be compatible with your impact wrenches. The specially designed sockets for impact wrenches ensure proper management of cyclic loads.

Not a perfect wrench size
The size of the fittings and fasteners is one of the important factors for choosing the wrench size. It will enable you to decide on the right dimension of the device. The standard torque rating of the device must be higher than the torque needed.

What is the difference between torque wrenches and impact wrenches?

Though both tools help in loosening and tightening bolts, they have differences. Impact wrenches have the potential to turn out the rotation and impact torque with pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power. On the contrary, torque wrench users have to apply muscle force.

How do I set the torque of my impact wrench?

You will need 2 things for this purpose- an air pressure regulator and an attachment for torque adjustment.

Some corded impact wrenches included a control ring to manage the torque. You have to turn the ring to a preset level on the scale. These devices are comparatively better models, as they ensure precise torque adjustment. To accomplish delicate tasks, you can use these tools.

But, some tools have torque setting options. You can rely on alternative methods to do it. For instance, you have to install an attachment between the socket and the device’s rotating head. The attachment controls the torque application while avoiding damages to the threads and bolts. Another option is to use an air pressure controlling valve between the impact wrench and air hose. The minimal amount of air will pass through the wrench, and thus, the torque will be under control.

Give some useful tips for using an impact wrench:

1. Before operating the impact wrench, you have to read the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the system. You will learn how the machine works.

2. Some assembly instructions mention every detail of the torque value. In the case of lubricated bolts, it is essential to apply 75% to 85% of the torque.

3. While using the pneumatic impact wrench, you must maintain your air compressor. For instance, you can purge the tank, clean the air filters, repair air leaks, and replace the oil.

What should be the voltage of the cordless impact wrench?

Cordless impact wrenches are available with 18 to 36 volts. A device with a higher voltage has more power to ensure a higher torque. However, make sure that there is a higher voltage to deal with the higher torque.

How does the nut-busting torque differ from the Max. Torque?

Nut-busting torque is the standard torque output for unlocking the rusty bolt. On the contrary, Max. Torque refers to the highest torque applied by the wrench at any moment.

How do impact wrenches differ from impact drivers?

There is no major difference between them. They use hammering blows and high torque to screw and unscrew your bolts. But, impact wrenches deliver more torque, and thus, you can differentiate them easily.

When should I use air impact wrenches and cordless models?

The cordless impact wrenches are best for DIY enthusiasts who need to do small construction works and replace car tires. Air impact wrenches are useful for car repair and heavy equipment maintenance.

What are some precautionary steps for impact-wrench users?

Although manufacturers ensure safety mechanisms, you have to take precautions. For instance, electric shock is a potential risk for corded impact wrench users. The cordless models also cause risk from short-circuits and damaged batteries.

Moreover, while dealing with stubborn bolts, the socket will be stressed. Choose the right impact sockets with thicker walls. You may also wear goggles for eye protection.

How much PSI do you need for an impact wrench?

You need a minimum of 90 PSI for most of the air impact wrench compressors for the impact wrenches to work correctly. The air compressor needs to have a higher shut-off pressure.

What size impact wrench do I need to remove lug nuts?

⅜-inch or ½-inch size impact wrenches are a good fit for removing lug nuts. They provide so much torque that can release the hardest nut get free. Though the ½-inch size is the most common practice.

What is the most powerful 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench?

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench has a good reputation as one of the most powerful 1/2 inch cordless impact wrenches.


We have thoroughly reviewed a few of the best cordless impact wrenches for changing tires, car repairers, manufacturers, and other professionals. You have to read them carefully before making a purchase. Check the torque outputs, portability, volts, battery capacity, and other features to make the best deal. The quality wrenches will let you deal with corroded nuts, bolts, and lag screws. Buy the best-branded tool for your purpose.

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